First, run over here and check out how random my husband is being.

Look Swistle, way back when my baby had ear hats too!

I had some random thoughts today.

I hate going pee with a wet butt. You know like after you've been swimming or just out of the bath. I can't stand the feeling of a wet ass on a toilet seat.

Some time ago I discovered I love being in the bath tub while it fills up. However, I don't love when I get in, sit back and am rudely greeted by a fricking freezing bathtub wall. I spend a bunch of time splashing it with water trying to warm it up..I'm odd.

I think my cat likes my floors more the me.

I got Pergo instead of carpet because I couldn't live with the stains ANY MORE! I would rather swiffer until my fingers bled then ever clean up puke or chocoalte milk or macaroni off the carpet again!

I'm wondering how long it will be before someone eats shit on the new floors. I also wonder who will do it first.

Stephanie painted me this little angel for Christmas. It sits on my bookshelf in my living room. My husband today stuck his Giants Matt Williams bobble head next to the angel. He considers the Giants his personal angels or some shit. I think it looks ridiculous. He won't budge!

The night after they started installing the flooring Rob and I sat on the floor in the dining room to eat our dinner. I was wondering in my head if I farted what would happen. I thought maybe I would try it when Rob wasn't home, so I would know if it would make noise or not, since I DO NOT fart in front of Rob. The next thing I know a loud BRRRRAAAAPAPAPAAPP goes echoing through my house. Rob let out the loudest fart, however it was about 309 times louder since his ass cheeks were on the new floors. I will now never fart anywhere near the new floors as the whole fricking room echos now.

The other night I got a craving for Port of Subs. I sent my husband. I requested a sammy on white bread, with extra provalone, extra mayo, tomatoes and pepper. I got just that, only I got pepperocinnis instead of pepper. I scraped off the peppers but they had put so many on it turned my mayo lime green and I couldn't get the flavor out. Either way it was still delicious and I feel really bad for poor Jen who lives in a town with out Port of Subs!


Behold my nasty stained carpets before

Ewwww vomit stains

Seriously who puts cream color carpet in a house???? Assholes!

Ohhh barf linoleum..this shit just screams germs to me


yay no more puke carpet!!

Adios germs!



Yay look at my sexy floors

Ahhhhhhh germ free!!!!! The only thing that could make it better would be to have some accenting granite counters (coming soon) and possible all new stainless steel appliances!!

Beatiful floors....fucking tile counters. ick eww ick ptooey!

OMG no more carpet in my dining room. This means no more macaroni and chocolate milk stained floors. I think I just had an orgasm thinking about the greatness of it.

Living room now!

Theme song