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Why I really should be at the shoe department at Macy's right now

  • I recently purchased a diaper bag. Just because I told the guy he was crazy, he gave me 30% off the bag.
  • When purchasing my new Pergo, I stumbled upon a 15% off sale. I then applied for a Lowes card which should have given me 10% off. I was told I could not use both discounts. When I arrived at the second Lowes to pick up the material, my cashier/manager was an idiot and gave me 25% off the whole order, even the stuff that wasn't Pergo.
  • When we returned to Lowes, my installer saw a cart labeled clearance with one item on it. He stuck 15 more items on it. Then he asked the employee how much the clearance was and the kid awarded us 50% off everything on the cart. Only one item was actually clearance.
  • Yesterday while searching for rugs, I stumbled upon a rug sale. I got a rug that was $164.00 marked down to $50.00. That is almost 64% off!

So you tell me, why it is I'm not sitting down in the shoe department right now!

Follow up with the pernatologist (still can't spell it)

First, I have pictures but the computer that the scanner is attached to was taken home from work this weekend and not returned, so I have to wait for the hubs to bring my Macbook to me at work to upload em. So far I say Codi looks like a chubbier Brandon.

Anywho. I'm not really one for details but the basic jist of it all is that Codi weighs 4 lbs 5oz. He measures good and his fluid is good. However, the doctor doesn't like how my placenta looks. He said it looks like a big piece of dough that someone tried to cut with a biscuit cutter (all I was thinking was mmmmm biscuits). He also listened to some noise, I believe the placenta. Anyway what it came down to is he didn't like it. I have to go back next week to see if I improve. He said if it doesn't improve it can make the baby stop growing which will be a problem. I was told to take it easy, stop doing house chores and lay down more. He said sitting at work doesn't count because sitting is virtually standing. I guess I will learn more next week!

Answer time

I've never been good at going back and answering questions or respond in the comment box, because I don't think I'm cool enough like Swistle to have people actually wait on pins and needles for her responses. So I'm going to try and go through a few comments and answer them, but then I'm also opening up this comment section for ya'll to ask me ANY OLE THING YOU WANT! Really any thing and I promise to answer it honestly!

Swistle: I probably tried to keep the ear hat, but for some reason hats and mittens have proved impossible for me to keep. I have a giant basket of winter baby accessories so I will for sure dig around in there to see if I have it for Codi.

Patty: My husband is a brat...he would laugh in the face of the empathy belly, well, unless maybe I packed his belly with cans of beer instead of weights!

Patty: I don't think he was nesting, I think he was afraid for his life if he didn't help. I am still totally and utterly shocked that he cleaned the top of the fridge though!

J: The occasion was that he couldn't handle one more pouty face from his wife!

Kat: Oh geez. NO I don't fart in front of Rob, however I don't dart in front of anyone. My mom was always that lady who would fart right in the grocery store and laugh about it, NOT ME! I don't do embarrassing noises. I actually didn't even burp in front of Rob for about a year. He still looks at me weird when I do. I am by no means a lady but I just hate farting. If you fart in front of me and it smells, I might even cry. I suck! If it is the middle of the night and one of those little sleep farts escapes from me, I wake up panicked that he heard it and can't go back to sleep forever until I know he wasn't awake and didn't hear. Then I will only half sleep because I'm too busy squeezing my ass cheeks shut so that I make sure I NEVER FART AT NIGHT AGAIN!

Lainy: I understand not wanting to sweep anymore, but I would rather sweep every day then clean vomit out of a carpet. Also, I have an issue with dirt. I need to be able to see it so I can clean it right away. On carpet I always knew there was dirt and dust secretly lurking there, but since I couldn't see it I just refused to sit on my carpet. If something fell on it, I considered it CONTAMINATED! However now, if something is dirty I can see it and grab my swiffer or dust buster for quick jobs. I think I will get far less hives over the imaginary things living in my carpet now!

Rachel: I think you are super sexy and I think we also need a video of you bringing sexy back mmmkay!

Kat again: I went 9 months with out sex before I met my husband. It was actually closer to eleven months. It was after Eli when I went on a total sex, kissing relationship phase. Then I met Rob's roomate, screwed him and it all went down hill from there..I ended up married after that. Before I started bleeding this pregnancy I was doing a good job of keeping the sexy in my pregnancy this time around!

Christy: NO NO NO NO SNOW, BAD CHRISTY STOP NO! I am a beautiful flower I need sunshine to grow!

Megan: I have no idea why I live here, other then I'm to big of a wussy to move away from my mommy and daddy, gosh I'm lame!

J: In terms of having a son...BE AFRAID BE VERY VERY AFRAID!

Jen: I would loooove to shake your milk for you, if you would just hurry up and come back to Reno, since I already covered the whole not leaving my mommy and daddy thing.

Jen: I thhink it is awesome your husband comes running when you call the dog. That is a well trained man.

Kat again: Knob head is hilarious, and yes I seriously call my son a little shit, shit head and little fucker. My husband has a cow if he hears it which is why in front of him I say Brandon you are such a turkey....it's censored name calling. ha ha.

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