Yay it is that time of year again


I guess it has been a year or so since I started blogging. I remember last year reading Amalahs blog when she wrote about national delurkers week. I was like wow this is so cool, next year I totally can't wait to post this on my own blog YAY! So the time has come around again, to delurk and let us all know you are there. Run and delurk yourself in honor of delurker day!

This years button was made by Schmutzie!

Above and beyond proof he is mine

All day Brandon has been requesting birfday cake. I have no cake so I basically ignore him. Just now we were going through the mail at work when he noticed an ad for Baskin Robins. He grabbed it and screamed BIRFDAY CAKE!!!!! In bold with exclamation points. Then he proceeded to take a huge bite out of the ad and try to eat the paper cake. We told him no, so he took off running sat on the floor, took a huge chunk out of a photo of a sundae then shoved his ad under his butt to avoid us stealing it. After trying to swallow about three bites he finally threw up. I said Brandon did you throw up.

His reply, "Yeah I frow up eye cream!" How desperate he must be to be eating paper ice cream!


Often times I write something that offends at least one person. This is one of those times that inevitably I will offend or piss off at least one person.

There is something I've never understood. Well two things. The first one is eating in your car. I don't get this. I just went to grab some lunch for my boss. I went to a drive through and while I was leaving I noticed the car in front of me, pull forward, park and eat their food in their car????? Why? Why if you have time to leave work and get food, and even sit and eat it, would you not go inside the place and eat? I've never understood it. Back in the day when my cousin worked for me we used to take our lunch and drive to our neighborhood park and eat it. However we would get out of the car, walk over to the little table and sit and eat it. On days the weather sucked we would get our food, or pack it and at least make sure we went into the back and sat at the break room to eat. I honestly can't understand when I drive by a park and see people who took the time, on a sunny warm day to drive there and then choose to sit in their cars and eat! WHY? I also don't understand eating and driving. I have never been that person who can just grab a burger and eat while I drive. NO! I may eat a few fries but I always go and sit somewhere.

So explain to me, why on earth do you go get fast food, drive through and then choose to park and eat in your car rather then eating inside? Are you embarrassed to be eating there, ashamed of how you look shy???? What is it?

The second thing I don't get is not eating at the table at your house. I've never been that person who eats their meal at the coffee table, or the counter or in my bed. I eat at the table. My husband and son do to. The ONLY two exceptions to this rule are eating a bowl of ice cream on the couch or when I am sick SOMETIMES I will eat at the couch but even then I drag my lazy ass up off the couch and eat at the table. My family used to eat at the table sometimes, the living room sometimes and then sometimes in separate rooms. I hated that. At my house we usually turn off the TV, turn on some music and sit and eat. Also we all stay at the table until we are ALL done. I can't understand why you would sit at your coffee table and eat. Or why a family wouldn't sit down and eat. Even if my husband and I are eating alone we still go sit at the table. And 90% of the time if my husband is eating and I'm not, like at lunch or a late dinner, I still come to the table, sit down and talk with him. I hate that we have become a society where sitting down as a family is no longer important. Even if we grab Taco Bell we still come and eat at our table. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even snacks. Even if I am sitting and having some chips and salsa I go sit at my dining room table. Hence the word DINING room

I just wish I could understand people who can't take the time to eat their lunch at a table or a park or anywhere but their car. I don't understand families not eating together. Are you eating in your car because the act of getting out and walking the ten steps in and ten steps out is to much activity for you? Are you eating in your car because you are ashamed at your food choice? Please, please explain this stuff to me, because I really really don't get it!

Did you all forget

Remember that ole gossip blog over here...Don't forget to come, read, sign up and gossip mmmmkay!

My porn


New super duper quick and ultra easy recipe posted on the food blog.

Product review. Results, mmm tasty

Some of you may or may not know that I am breakfast challenged. I don't eat eggs, cereal or meat which means for breakfast I'm limited to toast and oatmeal (yes I eat oatmeal, shut up don't ruin it or I will hurt you). I can only eat so much of the same old oatmeal with Splenda and cinnamon for breakfast before I get bored. While I was moseying down the oatmeal isle the other day I discovered this.

I only purchased the Apples with cinnamon and the Vanilla Almond and Honey.

To date I've only tried the Vanilla Almond and Honey because I keep forgetting the other one at home. First of all, although I have a serious gluten intolerance and I am supposed to avoid, wheat and barley, we have learned that Shannon is not so good on the whole following of rules thing. So while it hurts like a bitch afterwards, it sure as shit taste good going down.

First of all, here are the ingredients as listed:


Whole Grain Rolled Oats discWhole Grain Rolled Wheat discRolled Barley discWhole Grain Rolled Rye discSugar discAlmonds discWhole Flaxseed discOat Flour discNatural Flavors discSalt discMolasses.

Contains Wheat And Almond Ingredients.
Kosher Status: Kosher Pareve

Does anyone else notice anything about that?


This means there is some good shit in that little bag huh. I mean really, if I wasn't so lazy I could make this stuff on my own. I followed the instructions, and added 1/4 cup of water and nuked it for 90 seconds. I added a little milk at the end and stirred. It is sooo good. It has a very subtle vanilla flavor. Nothing that makes it taste desert like and nothing that makes it taste to boring. The almonds are REAL SLIVERED almonds and remain crunchy. They don't get all rubbery and gross like some nuts do. The honey is a very light undertone. Personally I don't like to much honey makes it taste like I'm sucking on a sugar cane. The oats, wheat and barley offer different textures for my mouth which is a nice change to mushy oatmeal by itself. I love this as a breakfast as it is not to sweet and it was very satisfying. It sort of reminds me of the vanilla almond Special K. I think if you were dieting this would be a nice evening snack but I personally really enjoy it as a breakfast. It wasn't so sweet that it left my belly feeling gross like a donut or even some yogurts. Also it had just enough flavor that aside from my splash of milk I didn't have to add a single thing.

I give this new healthy product four thumbs up (Codi counts as two extra thumbs it is that good). Tomorrow I will be sure to pack one of the Apples with Cinnamon ones because I can't wait to try it out. I probably won't buy the Maple Brown sugar with Pecans because I don't like maple, or pecans.

If you are interested you can check out the product here online. I found mine at a local Smiths so it is an easily accessible product!

So now, go eat, get full, be warm and enjoy!

Kat's questions

How many times do you have to pee now on average?
Well! This totally depends on how tired and lazy I am. At any given time I have to pee ALWAYS, however, if I'm feeling particularly lazy I will hold it until it hurts and then go running like a three year old to the bathroom with my legs half crossed trying not to pee on myself. At night, I also try and hold it which results in me waking up only about 5 times as opposed to every single damn hour. That is five times if you don't count the two times I go right after I get in bed, get comfy and then realize that FUCK I HAVE TO PEE AGAIN!

Has the little munchkin stopped rubbing your bladder?
NO! Although his kicks are not quite bruise worthy lately the little shit hasn't slowed down on the beating the shit out of his mom and stroking my bladder as though he was already a teenager fondling a girls boobies!

And will you obey your doctor and lie down some more?
Hi! Have you met me? I have a two year old. His idea of mom laying down means, "Yay time for big time wrestling let me go ahead and body slam mom." Don't think he's not to mean to go all Hacksaw Jim Dugan on my ass and beat me with a board either. He loooves to pull out random hidden pieces of wood and whack me with them! Also, I can only lay on my left side, and when I lay that way on the couch I'm near the place where he threw up last week, and although I cleaned it, I haven't had time to get the people out to shampoo my couch so I'm totally ooged out by laying there. And finally, if I'm laying down then who is dusting my bedroom, washing the sheets and sliding around on my new hardwood floors hmmmmmm?








Alright, seems lot of you are confused on why my doctor told me sitting is the same as standing. What he meant was that if I am sitting or standing the baby and the placenta are in the same position. And since the placenta was the area he was concerned about well then sitting isn't the best thing. He wanted me on the left side so that the placenta and what not could get the very best flow because right now it wasn't grooving to well. SOOOOO in terms of position sitting and standing achieve the same one!

Also, the Creme Brulee ice cream ended up being not quite as good as the fudge brownie it came packed with. Some of the pieces of sugar tasted a little burned...however if you like creme brulee I guess you would like that (I happen to hate creme brulee).

Next, in the ultrasound picture, on the left of Codi's face is the placenta. That is what he is all squished against, I think he might have a hand up near the right side of the pic but I'm not sure!

And finally. No one has any single questions to ask me? Am I that much of an open book already? Gosh!

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