I'm sitting here at work right now listening to my trusty Itunes on my trusty Mac. What am I listening to? My girlfriend of course. Miss Britney Spears. Her new song I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT IN CAPS, AND BOLD WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS AND A LITTLE AIR KISS!!!!! Yeah I know. Your sitting there right now saying, Really Shannon, Britney. YES BRITNEY! I love her. I don't care if shes totally being a shit head right now, who in the fuck knows what I would do if I was suddenly handed bajillions of dollars to just piss away! Pretty sure I would walk around naked and tell you all to SUCK IT!

So not only am I listening but I'm dancing. I'm doing what I call the Shannon Bop. If I was brave I would video tape this shit, because it is, well, classic. I'm sitting in my chair, and first starts the head bop. It sort of looks like a bobble head but with less control. Then before you know it I kind of start bopping my other half, my shoulders start going up and down and the next thing I know my head is moving forward and back kind of like a goose. My feet start tapping and suddenly I start trying to wiggle my ass while it is still in my work chair. This results in my chair kind of slipping back and forth while I'm bobble goose heading with my shoulders moving up and down sort of the way Tiffany and Debbie Gibson used to do. Then I try and find some rhythm and it kind of looks the way a cooked asparagus looks in between your two fingers while you jiggle it around.

Lucky we aren't in the car or there would be some massive air drumming going on and ultra sexy drummer faces happening.

Ha ha now how is this for a post to delurk on huh. I mean what can you really say to this besides, Shannon you fucking moron!





I guess it has been a year or so since I started blogging. I remember last year reading Amalahs blog when she wrote about national delurkers week. I was like wow this is so cool, next year I totally can't wait to post this on my own blog YAY! So the time has come around again, to delurk and let us all know you are there. Run and delurk yourself in honor of delurker day!

This years button was made by Schmutzie!

Responses again

Kat- he really really ate paper. He had paper rolled up all over in his mouth and stuck to his tongue and pieces of paper in his vomit. He is such a dork.

Mrs Grumpy- Yeah, you have a total pass on everything right now. So if you want to eat cookies in your bed in your jammies while rolling in ice cream that is fine by me! I'm thinking of you every day!

Swistle- Come on now, I think we have already totally discovered I'm a huge judgemental asshole haven't we. Of course all of my reasons were negative, its because I'm always thinking the worst. Gosh....I know you know me better then this right now, I'm really quite a huge bitch! But I absolutely love that you were the only one to call me out and tell me I was being an asshole!

Coffee Slut- Your name is still cracking my ass up. Okay, I kind of understand the whole wanting to eat in peace thing. I'll let you guys slide on that, maybe the reason I didn't think of that, is that I'm constantly surrounded by chaos so silence scares me!

Kat again- Your husband sets the table...you whore! How do I teach mine!

Jen- In the words of my boyfriend Justin Timeberlake, if you don't like my crush then please, "Cry me a river, Cry me a river!!!!"

Also, update on my product review: The apple oatmeal is awesome. At first I was worried because it smelled so sweet. But then I took a taste and it was again subtle and satisfying. It tasted almost like a baked apple but a very healthy one. I loved it and recommend this flavor too.

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