Silly Jen

As you know both Jen and I are pregnant. The last couple weeks we exchanged baby presents. I sent mine via Babies R Us. Jen did too but she also sent me something that she (her husband) packaged and shipped herself (himself). Again, I want to mention we are pregnant. Anyway, since I'm lazy the box is still sitting on my counter. This morning I was pouring myself a glass of milk when I looked over at the box and was set into a fit of giggles. Jen mailed me my BABY gift in a box labeled SHOT GLASSES! Can I just tell you how funny I find this! HAHAHAHAHA I love it. It is so fitting for Jen and I. I'm just glad you don't have to tell the mail people why your sending stuff. I can see it now, yes sir these here shot glasses are a gift for my very pregnant friend, she will need them once she has two boys, one hitting her with a stick and one peeing in her eye.

Jen thanks for the laugh at 6am this morn!

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