Pumpkin patch

We took Brandon to the pumpkin patch this morning. He had a great time. Oddly enough there were barely any pumpkins but oh well.

Uggg mom can we go see the horses now or what?

Really mom can we go now or what???

Yesss finally the pony!


Dad, I love you and all but come on I want to play.

Can I drive please mommy?

Brandon, where are the trucks?

That way!

Yellwhoah truck

K I'm bored

Really, more with the posing

Family picture

Mom is excited about her belly, I'm excited about the giant dragon blow up castle

I had the most fun on the slide. I made mom go down, her butt didn't fit in there very good though. I tried to go in the bounce house but the big kids wouldn't let me jump so I climbed back out!

A survey I will never be able to participate in

I'm just wondering.

Do girls pull giant huge black boogers out of their nose, then walk over to their moms and announce take it? And if you don't take it, do girls simply wipe it on their moms pants and walk off? And if they can't get it all the way out of their nose, do girls wipe their whole face on their moms pants, shirt, arm, legs?

I was just wondering?

I'm always in trouble.

Britt was mentioning how she had a few mishaps lately in her house. While I have also had a few mishaps, more like my son has had a few, i.e. snapping the brand new baby mobile in half (which is now crazy glued and electric taped together), the thing I get in the most trouble for is my push pin habit. There are tons of things in my house hung by nothing but a push pin and this makes my husband furious.

  1. Picture frames. Almost every picture frame that I hung is hung with a push pin.
  2. Everything in my sons room, i.e. coat hooks, pictures, glowy lights, and his letter B.
  3. My calender
  4. My key hook
  5. And now, everything in Codi's room. That is what I got in trouble for today. I hung Codi's letter C with two push pins and I think Rob is going to kill me. I think he is going to kill me extra since he asked me to fix it with nails and I said okay I will, maybe possibly.

In other news my son is walking around calling out Shannon, Shannon, Shannnnnnon as though I'm a lost doggy. He is doing this because he called out mommy and I didn't answer fast enough because I was in the potty.

Inside of Codi's closet

I call this his old man track suit outfit

Left side of his closet

His bathrobe collection

Right side of his closet

Sleepers and footie jammies



Diaper supply from shower

Even more diapers!

Theme song