So that Kat doesn't get her tubes tied

I know I complain a ton about pregnancy. I do it for the humor factor. Don't get me wrong pregnancy is a huge pain in my ass (and back and legs and belly and feet and....) but in reality there are so many rewarding things about pregnancy and the end result. So Kat I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you all the things that are so amazing they will actually make me forget every bad thing about this pregnancy.

  1. Feeling the baby kick around inside of me
  2. Finding out I'm having another amazing little boy
  3. Nursing. The first time you nurse and your child looks into your eyes it is amazing
  4. The first smile, even if it is a fart causing it
  5. The first time they shiver (babies don't shiver when they are little so its really cute when they get big and figure it out)
  6. The first time your son says low you too mommy (love you too)
  7. The first time your son spends the night away and then comes home and says I missed you
  8. The first time they wake you up in the morning and give you a kiss with out ever asking them too. My son gave me about 4 kisses one morning in bed then turned over and kissed Rob a bunch and just laid back down with us.
  9. The first time your son says momma hole you (momma hold me)
  10. The fist time you see your child have cake
  11. Having someone who considers a surprise getting a spoon full of cream cheese from the store rather then thinking a surprise was a toy or something of monetary value
  12. The first time you are hormonal and crying and your kid comes up and says momma you sad and kisses you
  13. The first time your baby learns to laugh
  14. The first time your child learns to make you laugh
  15. The first time your son says momma more tisses (more kisses) and makes you kiss them again and again and again
  16. The first hugs
  17. The first steps
  18. The first game of peek a boo
  19. The first sneeze
  20. The first time your baby gets hiccups outside of the womb and can't stop is so cute. We have hours of footage of Brandon doing nothing but hiccuping
So you see Kat. It isn't all bad. Being a mom for me, might be the very best thing that ever happened to me. And truth be told I would be pregnant for five years just to experience one amazing day with my son.

Thank you Brandon

My son is currently picking boogers out of his nose. He was simply flicking them at me. However now, he's trying to shove his boogers in my nose. He thinks this is hilarious. I do not!

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