Potty training

He wanted to show me he wiped this time!


Wanna see what we had for dinner? Go here!

Calm down calm down it wasn't that good

Okay I should have clarified a little better. In fact I would have if I had remembered it all but it has been slowly fading. The guy from numbers playing the piano naked was not a sexual dream. We were all in some kind of class and suddenly he took off with all our money (who knows) then we found him playing piano naked. He was doing it to save something or other and get a story published which he did. All in all it was a weird ass dream! But no it was not IN ANY WAY A SEX DREAM! Get your heads out of the gutters people!

I lose again dammit

So! Today is that big anniversary that I told you Rob and I acknowledge. You know the one that says I've dealt with him for six years now! We'll a few months ago (we always say happy monthaversary to make fun of those people who actually celebrate months) we turned it into a competition. Who could say happy anniversary on the 23rd of each month first. For a year I was kicking his ass. Then he got his new job waking up before me and he started winning. I was pissed. I even tried deleting the reminder alarm in his cell phone since my phone is always dead the reminder doesn't work for me. I beat him in August because he came home hung over at about 5am from a baseball game in Cali and I heard his alarm go off and went running in the room all triumphant like! He got me again in September. Well since this month is the actual anniversary I was determined to win. So here is a little bit of how Sunday night went..

Shannon: Sits up at 1am jiggles Rob. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I WIN!!!!!!
Rob: Wrong day dumbass
Shannon: Dammit, whatever good night.

Yeah he made major fun of me yesterday for this. So last night rolls around and this happens..
Shannon: Brilliant lamp speak
Rob: Whatever go to bed
Rob: No dumbass it's only 10pm on the 22nd
Shannon: Dammit
Rob: Sits up at 12:01 shakes me and shouts HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SUCKER
Shannon: DAMMIT I should get an honorary win for all my tries.
Rob: Nope I win loser!!!!!!!!!

Soooo people. Next month we need to come up with a full proof method to have me awake after midnight on the 23rd and somehow come up with a way I will remember I MUST WIN AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

I make a lot of sense at night

I have a habit of waking up and talking like an idiot at night. Want an example? Okay here you go.

Shannon: Sits up frantically patting Rob till he wakes up. Babe, whats that?
Rob: Whats what
Shannon: THAT (points at something on night stand)
Rob: Are you serious Shannon that is your lamp
Shannon: Well Duh I know it's a lamp
Shannon: Stares at it for a minute then says, But wait, when did I get a lamp
Rob: Honey are you for reals right now
Shannon: Yeah where did the lamp come from?
Rob: Shannon we've had that lamp since we moved in
Shannon: Rob I know whose lamp that is, I know I'm weird stop picking on me
Rob: Okay babe go to bed
Shannon: I'm not tripping you know, I was just tripping out a little I mean it was only a lamp gosh Rob

See. I make perfect sense huh?

And just to keep my credibility I won't tell you about how I had a dream about that guy from Numb3rs and I really won't tell you about how he was naked playing the piano.

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