Boys are gross and I might be a genius

My son is sitting on the toilet trying to go poop. What makes this funny/gross is that he is leaning back and looking into the toilet trying to watch the poop come out of his butt so he can announce that he has in fact pooped.

Also he is butt naked right now thus making it really cold when his milk cup touches him. Which may be why I'm having to sit here and hold his cup as he drinks.

Also, I might be a genius because it really really pisses off solicitors when I let my two year old answer the phone to them! HAHAHAHA he just talks to them and talks and talks!

Finally he sleeps

He climbed in my lap and wrapped himself up like that.

This is not how you rest young man

Brandon you are sick please lay down and rest.

That is not what I had in mind!!!

He's so sick he's already lost a whole pound ugggg.

And we won't even talk about the green carpet in his room right now! The carpet he colored with washable markers. Did you know that if you color carpet with washable market it just smears all over the carpet making it worse when you try and wash it.

Lemme clarify while washable markers do come off, me and my big pregnant body don't have the energy to scrub the carpet right now. Soooo i took a few baby wipes and tried that. It didn't work. So I gave up!

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