In which Ginger wins award for best present ever in the history of ever!

Last year Ginger casually mentioned this thing she was thinking of doing for my birthday. I almost married her right then and there. This year Ginger casually questioned if I would be up for this present again this year as I would be 14 days away from having a baby I BEGAN FLYING THROUGH THE AIR DOING CARTWHEELS WITH EXCITEMENT!

Why you ask?

Well you see two years in a row now Ginger has gotten her and I tickets to FANTASIES IN CHOCOLATE!

Whats that you say, you don't know what Fantasies in Chocolate is?

Well just imagine this, a night of the best possible sex you could ever have, only it isn't sex it is chocolate


Heres the deal. Every year they rent out one of our convention centers here and ALL of the casinos, schools, pastry shops, and chocolatiers get together and give out chocolate. Even the local dairy gets in on it handing out chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream. This isn't just one sample here or there either. It is unlimited endless supplies of chocolate, pastries and candies. UNLIMITED PEOPLE! Then if that isn't enough they supply wine, champagne, and other tasty mixed drinks. They also have a pasta bar, a cheese and cracker stand, sushi and so on, so you don't get all chocolated out! To give you an idea of what I mean by chocolate, picture all those fancy things they serve on the food network chocolate competitions and that is what I will be spending my entire Friday night eating! Last year we even figured out we can put a bag in our purse and take home more candy for our family! So basically I will be spending my night with the likes of this...

Now can any of you tell me of a better birthday present ever!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention being able to enjoy this while 8 months pregnant. Codi is going to have the best night ever!!!!!!!

Went to the doctor

Yesterday was my weekly check up. I'll save the scary part for the end. First did I already brag that I didn't have to have the strep test because I'm having a C-section? Ha ha in your face suckers! Anyway no change. I denied to be examined because so far this kid is still so far up in my ribs and no where near dropping down, I really saw no reason to have some fingers all up in me just to hear SHANNON YOUR BABY WILL NEVER DROP AND YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER DILATE EVER!

*Little side note, my mom is furious FURIOUS about this since she labored with me for almost 30 hours before being knocked out and given a C-section. She really gets bent that I will have two kids and never experience a moment of labor. This is why each time I come back from the doctors she whines that I still haven't dilated and this is bullshit and how come she got the shit end of the stick and I'm just skipping along through this birthing thing.

Anywho he measured me and squished my belly some. Then he laughed at me when I asked if my colostrum would be ready for Codi if he was nine days early. He gently reminded me that the colostrum comes when the baby comes. Then I freaked out about Codi being big enough if he was 9 days early. He laughed and said well let me put it this way, if you went into labor today I wouldn't stop you, so I think nine days is fine.

We discussed my new car for a bit and how I can't park for shit, which means I hunt out the straight on parking spaces. Then he said okay I'll see you in a week and then we will have a birthday.


What now?

Did he just say I only have one more appointment until I have a baby? Oh gosh someone bring me a paper bag, I think I'm going to do that hyperventilating thing!!!!!!!!!!!

So I go to the desk and she say, "Your next appointment really isn't even an appointment, its a pre-op so technically this was your last appointment!"

Quick someone get me a chair and a pint of Ben and Jerry's I think I'm going to pass out!

Do you mean to tell me I just had my last appointment and I didn't even have to shave for it?

So this means 15 days until I have a baby. This means that tomorrow I go out with Ginger for my last hurrah (I will discuss this later, she gets me the worlds best birthday present ever on the planet every yeah) and then it will be exactly two weeks until I have a baby.

This means that next Friday is my last Friday as a mom of one kid. It means that I only have 15 more days of no sleep from a pregnant belly and then 15 months of no sleep from a kid.

HOLY SHIT PEOPLE WE ARE IN CRISIS MODE NOW!!!!!!! I MUST FIND SOMETHING TO CLEAN AND FAST! I'll get on that as soon as I finish that Ben and Jerry's!

Trick or treat...most parents deserve to get their cars egged!

Brandon was either a monster, a dragon or a dinosaur, we really still aren't sure!
Walking up to trick or treat GG (great grandma) This also counts as your belly shot for the week. I told everyone I dressed as a pumpkin!

Going to ring the doorbell

Running around like a mad man

He quickly learned that saying trit or treat got him candy.

Thank you GG

This is the famous bunny golf cart. Some of you received an email talking about this. Yes my mom is a burner (aka someone who goes to burning man) and she converted her golf cart into a permanent bunny rabbit. Wait it gets better.

He lights up! My dad drove Brandon and I all over the neighborhood to trick or treat. People were soooo jealous they didn't have a giant bunny on wheels to trick or treat in!

Checking out all his loot.

Not much left after we pulled out everything with peanut products.

THAT IS THE REASON PARENTS SHOULD HAVE THEIR FUCKING HOUSES EGGED! You would think will all of the news going around about NO PEANUT PRODUCTS IN SCHOOL people would be smart enough not to hand out baskets full of nothing but peanut products. I had to take away at least 20 things out of his basket because it would have killed him if he ate it. Do you know how sad it was sitting there taking away my sons candy. I just can't believe that more emphasis hasn't been placed on NOT PUTTING DEADLY CANDY IN KIDS BASKETS!!!!!!! I swear each time someone dropped a Reeses or a Snickers in his basket I wanted to egg them right in the face! And he was to little to know any better so when he reached in to grab he didn't know he shouldn't grab a Baby Ruth, he just picked something! Soooo frustrating, because I can't even eat the stuff I had to take from him since I refuse to possibly be my sons kiss of death. Next year, Reno parents, try thinking a little and not loading your basket with Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, Baby Ruth and Reeses. It is totally useless to my child! If not you might end up with eggs in your face from one very angry mom!

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