Couple more candids

Ging and I on arrival I almost don't look pregnant BWAHAHAHAAH

No wait I'm definitely pregnant.

Throwing back my first chocolate milk of the night.

Grams and I on our way to go get junk food.

She used to be a cheerleader...now look at her

37 week belly shot. Getting ready to go to the chocolate festival

My first go around, actually, this was all from ONE booth!!! mmmmmmmmmm

This was from a later adventure. That little drink was chocolate with orange mousse and then some yummy stuff at the bottom with blue berries. Under that little chocolate mountain thing was some coffee mousse. the little cookie with the white stripes was amazing. It was chocolate with some kind of goop in it. Mmmmmmm I ate this fast!

The really colorful one in the back was some sort of passion fruit. The red one next to it was like a strawberry shortcake petite four. The square tan thing in front was a peach cream cake thing inside of a peach white chocolate cup. Whoah it was good.

Yes even the ice cream shop was there. They had cheese cake ice cream, with cowboy shaped boots and chocolate sauce. My grams was sooooe excited about this she had two of them!

A small idea at how big this place was...every wall was lined with chocoalte!

Ginger getting drunk. Her drink of choice was some sort of chocolate martini that was made with vodka and starbucks liquor and maybe some chocolate liquor. Either way it knocked my moms socks off. There were two booths offering these fancy martinis..I forgot to get pictures because you know, I had to eat chocolate.

Between every booth of chocolate was a boot offering wine and champagne. There was also about 5 booths offering beer and 2 offering specialty martinis. ALL THE LIQUOR WAS FREE, IT WAS ALL YOU CAN DRINK!

See more alcohol.

The ones on the left were some kind of pine nut pie thingy that Ginger said tasted like pecan pie. I've never had pecan pie so I didn't know if she was right but it was good. Behind it was a chocolate spoon with cream topped with a roasted hazelnut. That thing was super good mmmm! Then over to the right was some sort of chocolate donut cream puff doohicky!

All of the decorations were chocolate, like that little chocolate horse and carriage.

This thing was some kind of mousse I forget, inside of a truffle with sage on top.

This was the culinary schools contribution. It was a chocolate cup filled with a mousse that I still can't place, with a little cookie horse shoe and chocolate and a fresh berry.

More chocolate decorations...its Reno, what do you expect besides gambling?

Claim Jumper stopped by and every single person got one of their 7 layer sinful cake thingies. Oh good lord people that was a lot of cake.

In homage to Amalah...damn my feet were swelling out of my shoes. My shoes that were already a half size to big and not coming off my foot.

Oh wait, look they had drinks for the knocked up and underage variety. I had a chocolate milk and a regular milk. They also served soft serve ice cream in cones.

More chocolate. The thing on the back right was pumpkin pie fudge. There was a green thing on there that was pistachio fudge. Notice the teeny butt cheeks there in the very front. They were from the local naughty chocolate shop. Whats that you say, your town doesn't have a naughty chocolate shop? Well, then you live in the wrong town.

It really is possibly to look and feel 17 months pregnant.

Hi Codi. Yeah he was on a serious sugar high.

Mom grandma and I. It was at this time that my grandma looked at the 15 year old boy next to us, pointed at me and said Shannon went to Galena High. She used to be a cheerleader...Now look at her.

Ginger and I at the end of the night showing off our highly sophisticated drinks. I think Ginger either had champagne or chocolate martini in her glass. I had milk. These pictures don't do justice to the copious amounts of chocolate that was there. I didn't take pictures at every booth, because you know I had to eat. There were some booths that had chocolate caramel popcorn. One booth had a giant pot of rum caramel sauce that I wasn't even sure what you do it, did you drizzle it on all your other chocolate treats or just pour it in a bowl and drink it? Really I had no clue. There was a lot of candy I didn't get because I don't like liquor in my candy..no wait, I don't like rum or tequila in my candy so I passed on all 30 of the tequila or rum chocolate things. There was also about 20 more hazelnut things I didn't show. There was sushi and steak I didn't eat because I don't eat either of those things. There was this one thing that I call Chinese candy which was chocolate and butterscotch with Chinese crispy noodles inside. Oh dear lord i could have eaten those ALL NIGHT LONG. When we first walked in we were greeted with a chocolate martini bar that was also serving interesting bon bons and drinks. They had chili spiced chocolates and stuff like that. My favorite at that booth was a little shot glass with some kind of strawberry puree topped with a white cream and black pepper sauce. Whoah it blew my mind! There were 2 breweries and then I think three other beer companies there. I know for sure I saw Fat Tire. My husband is currently not on speaking terms with me since he found out I went to a place that had all the beer and champagne you could drink for free. The sushi and steak was offered by The Mens Club which is our local high end strip club. There were these brownie sandwiches that had brownie on each side, fillllled with caramel and macadamia nuts and then dunked in chocolate, they were shaped like little pieces of pie. I had one thing that was coconut with almond on top of a cookie thing dunked in chocolate and covered in almond. It was kind of like an Almond Joy. That booth also offered a home made butterfinger thingy. Next year I will do better at taking pictures of every single item there just to taunt ya'll!

Okay time for me to go, I have more chocolate to eat.

Side note. I spelled chocolate wrong every single time I typed it in this post, including in this sentence. Good thing for spell check. Codi didn't wind down until about an hour after I did. I think he is now in a chocolate coma!

Oh and Amalahs hang over ain't got shit on my sugar hang over. Owwwww.

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