All set and ready to go, cept for one small thing

Didja know I'm having a baby soon? Well I am. I've been nesting like crazy and since I ran out of baby things to play with today I took to cleaning out my pantry and laundry room. I almost took pictures of it but then I thought...hmmm is that weird? So I'm all packed and ready for the hospital well, accept for one thing which we will get to soon. So far I've got about 43 outfits for Codi. 2- gowns, 2 sleepers, 2- outfits, and a going home outfit. I also think I might seriously have packed 3 separate blankets but in my defense one is totally a going home blanket just for looks and pictures and what not. I've got about 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mittens and probably 2 hats. I know it seems obscene but keep in mind I am having a C-section and could be there for 4 days max. That means the possibility of 4 days of poop, and belly button goo, and just all around baby goo that will get on all of his clothes. Last time they kept him in the same thing for two days and late that second night I noticed how dirty his little outfit was and nearly melted down, but I didn't have anything small enough to fit him. This time I've got extra plenty small clothes. Aside from that I have the boppy, and my Mylanta pills, because seriously you don't want to fart after having a c-section. I've got shampoo and conditioner, breast pads and a nursing bra, and for the love of everything good I've got lotion. I've got scrubby pads and a toothbrush and toothpaste and what not. I don't have underwear because they give you the most awesome mesh super stretch undies ever in the hospital. The only thing I don't have yet is a goddamn outfit to wear while I'm there. Last time I bought a spaghetti strap cotton night gown thing, which was perfect. Perfect for August that is. However this kid will be coming in November and lets face it my hospital is always freezing. Soooo what do I pack. Part of me wants to go to Walmart and get some cheap pajama pants and spaghetti strap tops (for nursing) but part of me is thinking, wait I'm going to be bleeding A LOT and if I have pants on won't I bleed all over those. (Maybe that would have been a good spot for a TMI warning....oops I'm always late with those). However, if I wear the same nighty thinger then I risk having my legs be FREEZING and we all know how stingy hospitals are with blankets and don't even get me started on the fact that I can't keep socks and slippers on my feet if I tried. What this is leading me to believe is that I will inevitably end up at Walmart purchasing at least 5 different ensembles so I have just the right thing. Which then leaves me with the problem of what if I get there and one outfit is perfect and I'm in the hospital for 4 days. Well that will get kind of yucky. So then should I possibly buy 2 of each outfit and pack 10 outfits to the hospital? Oh for the love of gosh can you see why I don't have a damn outfit packed! Oh crap now its almost 7pm and I'm just dying to go to Walmart.

In other news Codi's room and all of his stuff is all ready and waiting for him. The only thing in my way are these three bags of Brandons clothes. You see I went through all his stuff and got all his old clothes washed and put away and then somehow my mom found 3 more fucking bags and dammit I just don't know where to put them all. His drawers are full to the max and all organized. I don't believe in hanging stuff besides robes and snow suits and jackets so everything is in drawers. Why don't I hang stuff. It's quite simple. If its hanging up then I won't see it and thus it will never get worn. I learned that with Brandon. Soo we have one drawer for onsies. They are sorted first by sleeve length and then by color. There are whites, and blues, and colors. There are browns, and oranges and so on. Solids, prints and patterns. Please don't try and tell me there isn't a difference between navy blue and light blue because I will win that argument. Then there are little pants also sorted by color. There are outfits all folded together. That means pants with matching onsie and jacket or bib or hat are folded in a pile in the drawer because for the love of gosh my child must wear the bib that goes with the pants or the earth might just freeze over. Then there is the drawer with all the sleepers and gowns. This is my favorite drawer because who are we kidding footie pajamas are just about the worlds cutest things ever. There is the sock basket, the washcloth basket with wash cloths all rolled and sorted by color (so I have a problem, so what your fat and your shoes are ugly so shut up) and towels all folded in the towel basket. I have blankets (sorted by thickness and weight and size) here and sheets there and ointments and potions there. Teeny diapers are all stacked and wipes are full and ready. Extra diaper genie refills are ready to go. I've got the bibs all laid out in another drawer sorted by size. Only thing missing is the dang baby!

There really wasn't much purpose to this post, except to maybe remind me to go put jammies on my grocery list. Also for me to feel proud that I finally cleaned my gosh darn pantry out (I do this every three months but this time we cleaned the tippy top of it and now its like there is so much room I feel like I have to shop just to fill it up.

If this doesn't kick Kats ovaries into high gear I don't know what will

Yesterday my son came up to me, for no reason at all, gave me a hug and whispered,

"I so happy mommy"!

He has said it about five more times since then. Almost all while just sitting with me and he always whispers it, in the sweetest voice I've ever heard. I have trouble breathing each time!

So you see Kat, it isn't all bad!

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