Not even sure I should admit this

So I'm at work. I called someone and was expecting a call back. I figured I had enough time to pee. I ran to the bathroom and before my ass cheeks hit the seat the phone rang. I just knew it was the person calling me back. Sure enough I hear, "Shannon it is so and so on the phone." So I rush to finish peeing, hurry up and wipe, struggle to force my maternity pants and undies up and run to the phone. The call was quick I hang up and walk back to my own office only to realize there is a drip of pee dripping all the way down my fucking leg! I realize this right as I sit down, so now said pee drip is on my pants. So that means I will spend the rest of the day with pee leg and pants.

I can't even believe I typed this. But now I will not rush so much while wiping. Uggg the things I post for NaBloPoMo!

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