From Lorie!

Lorie took pity on me one day when I told her me and my friends are soooo not creative and so she decided to make a present for my little Codi. It is so damn cute and so personal I want to frame it. But I figure I'll wait to frame it until Codi wears it a few times and then craps on the bottom and I need to frame it to hide the stains!

From Chrissy!

Chrissy has obviously been following my diaper bag debacle. She sent me this amazing little diaper caddy thingy that matches my diaper bag so well. I love this and I want to carry it around everywhere I go and show off how cool I am that I have a hand made diaper thingy. The best part is that I was able to take the skip hop doohicky and store extra diapers and wipes and gadgets in it for my car. It was just the right size to put some spares in and hide them under my seat.

I agonized over what to get both of these girls as they had babies within days of each other. I wanted to buy them both Bundle Me's but then I realized I was talking about uber creative women here and I scrapped that idea. So I thought and thought and though about something I can do. I finally came up with a small idea that I can actually make myself and I've also commissioned a new friend to make this other great thing for them. Soooo they have to have a little patience but thy will so be getting some really awesome gifts from me in the mail as soon as I stop being a lazy ass!

Thank you both again so freaking much I loooooove the gifts!


This was Tuesday

Do you think this kid wants to get out or what.

This was Wednesday

This is what a baby looks like when he is saying LET ME OUT LET ME OUT!!!!!

Also no clue what was wrong with my camera making the bottom all white, something with the way it was set up. Anyway this kid is coming in out in one week!

Touchy subject

A few weeks ago Cakerwakers posted about the possibility of something happening to her during her surgery in a few weeks. I've thought this same thing. While I didn't want to discuss it much or dwell to much on the negative I did take the time to write a letter to my son Brandon. You are all now responsible for somehow making sure this letter finds it's way into his hands when he is older. I have kept up on writing little notes or letters to him on my other blog, Letters to Brandon, over there on the left side. So now, one of you some day, will have to remember, if anything ever happened to me, my son needs to find that site, the one that is dedicated in whole to him so he always knows, he was my whole life. Good luck ya'll I trust one of you will succeed in your mission!

You are all sick sick people

So the other day I posted about throwing away chocolate cake. I am shocked at all of you. SHOCKED YOU HEAR! I can't believe that every damn one of you told me to get the cake out of the trash. You are sick sick people. Every person I talked to said the same. Are you all serious. THERE ARE GERMS IN TRASH CANS PEOPLE! I can't believe you guys would actually eat something that was in the trash can. All I can visualize is little dirty trash germ bugs covered in goo infesting my cake the second it went in the trash and you people want me to eat it. I think I need to re-evaluate the people in my life. What is by far worse is how many people admitted to doing it. One person even went so far as to say the only thing that stops her from digging out of the trash is to cover the food in salt from head to toe before putting it in the trash. ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME? You have to cover it in salt as a deterrent. Aren't the gooey trash bugs deterrents enough?


Excuse me I need to go wash my hands now!

Guest posting

I've been guest posting over at Ginger's blog while she is out of town. I decided since all of you were sending me your drunk stories I figured I would go ahead and post mine on her blog. Go read it, it's a doosey.

My last doctors visit!!!!

I had my pre-op / last doctors visit today. I have some huge news to report. I am spawning a second Brandon. That's right this child is just as fucking defiant as my first and he isn't even born yet. The nurse was trying to get his heart beat and the second the doppler touched my belly he went nuts. He wasn't having it. Anytime she picked up his heart beat he would kick and squirm away till she lost it. It took a full damn five minutes for her to find it and was getting to the point where she thought the doctor might have to come find it for her. Anyway the doctor came in and asked if I wanted an exam and I just laughed at him. I informed him that even though we are doing a C-section he should probably pack his spare set of Jaws Of Life to get this kid out because he is not coming out from under my ribs. He laughed and said if I felt that way I probably didn't need an exam. I haven't gained in weight in the last week which is good since I've been eating really well. Then we went in and he had me sign the consent for C-section. Don't worry guys it is totally safe. I can only end up, dead, deformed, paralyzed, infected.....the list went on and on. I guess in the end it is a good thing I have a doctor I trust with my whole life, and typing this better not jinx me. Then we talked about tubal ligation. Since my hospital and insurance are both Catholic they in no way shape or form cover that unless it is necessary. This is because it is considered birth control and apparently Catholics don't like birth control or something. Anyway he tells me that if my uterus is thin at the bottom he can do a tubal ligation and insurance will then cover it. So we are now THINKING THIN PEOPLE! Because you see Rob and I only want two kids and if I don't get my tubes tied during the surgery we are going to have to have his "stuff" snipped and we have to pay for the whole thing ourselves, because again, the stupid Catholic insurance thing. Anywhoo I'm really excited about the possibility of having that shit all done in one surgery. He also said he promises to take my tattoo into consideration again when he is cutting me open. Oh yeah and as long as I can fart, pee, take my pills and eat then I can go home when ever I'm ready weeeehaw no more 4 days in the hospital shit as long as all goes well.


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