Strange eating habits

I was recently reading Silly Me when I came across this..

I love refried bean sandwiches. With mayo and cheese and onions. I like to say it was my weirdest pregnancy craving, but I liked them before I was pregnant. And I like them now. And I am aware of how disgusting this is. And yummy.

After I got the vomit back down my throat it got me thinking of weird things I eat. I like to mix cream cheese in salsa and I love to put ranch on my spaghetti. My husband puts fish sauce on his chicken and his family makes a version of Filipino spam. My mom eats salsa and cottage cheese, and makes beet sandwiches. This got my mind going and I began wondering, what strange things do you eat? I'm interested to hear other funny or weird things people can't live with out. So let me have it. What is your strangest food habit? Although I'm not sure anyone can beat a refried bean sandwich.

Walmart gets me everytime

It seems like I can't make a trip to Walmart towards the end of my pregnancy with out walking out feeling like I'm going to go into labor.

Edited to add: No I'm not in labor. I don't go into labor. This kid won't drop, he isn't budging and in the end I am just left feeling like crap with no excitement of labor!

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