What on earth would posess someone to say this to a new mom?

I just received this comment from Paula (click her name to see the awful site). This comment was left on this blog. I believe in response to me discussing the changing table being ready for circumcision and cord care.

Love your blog. And yes the rooms look great!

Im sad to hear you are going to circumcise. Have you looked into it?

Good luck with labor! Very exciting! Congrats mama

I'm sorry Paula but I'm pretty upset with your comment for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that I already have a son so clearly I have looked into it. Second, no matter what the choice is mine so why on earth would you question me? It is clear you haven't read my blog and only stopped by because of the circumcision comment or you would know that I also won't be going into labor I will be delivering via scheduled C-section. Now I wonder if you have something to say about that too. Then I click on your link (I have linked her so you can all see what I was horrifically greeted with when I visited her page) to see that image. First of all, all of the pediatricians I visited along with the video I watched assured me that the baby is totally numb and actually feels nothing when being circumcised. In fact, my son didn't even cry during his and he passed out immediately after. However, no matter what the facts are, following the link to your blog and seeing that was very traumatic and mean and I can't at all understand why you would say something like that to a hormonal new mom? I am so deeply disturbed that the only comment you have ever chosen to leave on my blog was simply to criticize my choice as a parent. Everyone has the right to make their own choices and to be confronted with an image like that just days before I am going to have my son was terrible and mean. And while I will still absolutely circumcise my son all that I will see while it happens is your awful graphic and I don't think I deserved that.

A conversation between husband and wife via yahoo messanger

A little preface. Yesterday my hubs messaged me to let me know he was pooping for the second time. He told me all about it, consistency and so on. I told him he was grossing me out and to knock it off.

Me: I just threw up and had to swallow it, cuz I'm in car
Rob: That's just as nice as when I tell you I'm taking a shit, or need to shit. Actually no that's worse, cuz I'm not eating my shit.
Me: I know that is why I felt it was okay to tell you
Rob: That's just gross. No kisses for you
Me: Well obviously I'm sick
It was fun kissing you while it lasted though (he was sick all last week so I only got to kiss him one day this week)
Rob: Inserts barfy face emoticon
Me: Yup thats how I look
Rob: No, thats me now
Me: At least it wasn't chunky
Me: It was just a little coffee
Rob: Oh that makes it okay then
Me: Sure
Me: It had a nice minty coffee flavor

You see my friend, its conversations like these that are the key to a healthy marriage!

You wouldn't think it is cute but it sure is

My son is potty trained now. This means when he has to potty he jumps up, yells "I doe potty" and runs to the bathroom. What is extra cute though is how when he poops he sits on the toilet making all these funny grunting noises and squinting his eyes. He makes the cutest little faces. And then goes grrrrr rrrr pusssssssh and clenches his teeth together. It is probably the cutest thing ever. What's more cute then that? When he gets up and has a little tiny toilet ring on his tush from sitting on the toilet so long. It warms my heart to know he's just a typical guy!

Shannon a self portrait

I'm sitting at work talking to the girl in my office. We are chatting about some work stuff when I start coughing and suddenly puke. Instinct makes me put my hand up and try and catch the puke. So I've now got puke in my hands on my face on my floor and all over me. I got it everywhere but in the trash. The girl in my office stops talking, stands there for a second and walks out gagging before breaking out in a fit of laughter at me.

Now, I'm so afraid of puking that every time I cough I sort of half cough and half choke trying to hold the cough in to prevent myself from puking more. Combine that with the fact that I had to wear a panty liner today because all the coughing was leading to to much peeing and I am one sexy motherfucker today.

Oh wait, wait, to add to the sexiness I'm wearing a bright green St. Patrick's day shirt with my hair going every which way from sleeping on it wet. I mean really people, its hard to achieve this brand of sexy!

I'm sick

So sick in fact that everyone has me scared they will cancel the delivery and I just want to sit and pout about it. I will call the dr. today and find out what happens next. How is it possible on Friday my body was all systems go and by Sunday I started to feel like death. Ugggg at this point Jen is going to deliver before me!

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