Testing things out

By: Lisa

Well since I am pretty clueless when it comes to this blogging thing. I figured I would do a test run the day before my official guest blogging day. That way if I screwed it up too bad, Shannon could correct me. So here is my test. I also have to try to upload a picture, seeing as I will be putting quite a few up tomorrow morning. Better figure out how to do it huh? So here is a picture of me and Shan that I have here at work.

Ok so not too hard. Think I should be ok for one day at least. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

It's beginging to look like Christmas

Okay not really but that is exactly how today feels. Feels like I'm 7 years old and it is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is never going to come. Uggggg this is going to be the longest day, and the longest night. Plus I have some really fun preparation things to do today.

Today's to do list

  • Take shower with nasty betadine soap and then not put on any lotion grrrr
  • Handle area down there
  • Give self enema to prepare for surgery (seriously can the doctors make this shit any more fun) (( also was this tmi, too fucking bad))
  • Eat one last really good meal as i have to start being healthy after tomorrow!
  • Clean out Tivo because I totally didn't accomplish that earlier in the week!
  • Wash more stuff. Now I'm washing all rugs and anything else I can find
  • Remind myself to remember to take camera off charger tomorrow!
  • Try and walk with out holding my back and belly saying ooo ahhh oww my back
  • Try and make it a whole day with out pissing on myself!

More about shaving

Okay first of all. YES I REALLY HAVE TO SHAVE. It is my hospital and doctors protocol so it has to be done. In fact even if I shave they will still go over it but it will be much better then having them do the whole thing dry right.

Second NO MY HUSBAND IS NOT DOING IT FOR ME. I feel uber unsexy right now and extra jiggly and the last thing I need is the hubs down there looking at my jello thighs mmmmkay.

Third WAXING ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS Owww holy shit I don't even like my eyebrows waxed and you want me to wax my whoohaw and seriously the way things are right now I would probably piss on the lady as she did it and really thats just not nice.

So I guess I'm stuck with a mirror and an electric razor followed by my Venus razor in the shower. Sigh. The shit I get myself into!

Time to discuss the really important stuff

Like how in the hell am I going to shave my whooha for my C-section tomorrow? Got any bright ideas on how to bic something you can't see anymore and can barely reach? If I don't do it mean evil nurse will come in with nothing but a razor and have her way with me, no water or shaving cream. It hurts to think about it!

Also I have figure out how to do this between coughs, because coughing while wielding a sharp object near my girl parts....well that's just scary.

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