Today's picture quota

He calls this "petting" baby brother.

He has to touch Codi every time he is in the bassinet. He runs and gets his stool and just stands command.

Brandon whose that? "BABY BROVER"

Daddy and the boys

Pretending to sleep

Mom trying to put both boys to sleep at once. I totally succeeded!

Finally fell asleep. In his cute little Gap velour outfit. I love his old man track suits.

Good night!

Treeem cheese

He picked his breakfast out all on his own.

Thats right, a whole entire tub of cream cheese!

When husbands blame it on the kids

I can't remember if I blogged about this yet. If so, sorry blame it on the Vicodin and the baby haze. Last week I threw up while I was going pee. I caught it in my hand but a couple drops got on the rug. I was going to wash the rug but first I needed to change the bag in the trash and rinse it. The puke was pink so it stood way out. I came back and the puke was gone. I thought I was losing my mind. Later that day I asked Rob if he cleaned the rug and he replied, "what rug"? I was more confused. This is the conversation that took place after that.

Me: That is so weird that the pink spots just disappeared
Rob: That is weird
Me: Wait, you didn't just flip over the rug did you?
Rob: That doesn't sound like something I would do does it
Me: Umm it sounds exactly like something you would do
Rob: Nooooooooooooooo
Me: So you mean to tell me that instead of putting it in the hamper
Rob: Nooooooo maybe you should ask Brandon
Me: I should ask Brandon what YOU did with the floor mat
Rob: Nooo you should ask Brandon I bet he flipped it over.
Me: Our two year old son went in the bathroom and turned over a bathmat and some how managed to put it back perfectly in place?
Rob: Yeah sounds right, but you know you probably shouldn't ask him, I'm sure he wouldn't remember, you know how kids and their memories are.
Me: So no you blame it on your son and then tell me he won't remember
Rob: Well it sounds like something a kid would do
Me: No it sounds like something you would do, no wait you were right, because you are a kid.
Me: So why didn't you just put it in the hamper?
Rob: I dunnno I wanted to eat dinner
Me: AHA so you did do it!

We are so going to have to teach our kids, MONKEY SEE NOT MONKEY DO!

I should also add this post took me over and hour because the vicodin is making it hard to type more then 4 letters at a time and even harder to think of

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