No turkey for you, this year you get ham

Brandon ham that is. All he kept saying is MORE PITCHURE


Baby blue was the color of her eyes

Or the color of her crazy.

First of all let me start off saying after reading this post I'm sure you are all going to want to send me a bunch of rational reasonable reassuring comments. You should know in advance thought there is no rational when it comes the the baby blues. I'm extra lucky this time I know what the hell is going on with me and I know it only lasts about two weeks so as much as it's fucking with my mind I am at least able to be amused by my own crazy this time instead of freaked the fuck out. So here you go. My baby blues so far.

  • My new baby sleeps 3-4 hour stretches. Wakes up, nurses and is back out. This is freaking me right out man. Brandon slept about ten minutes at a time and only on me. So since I'm used to that I am of course convinced something must be wrong with Codi, I mean a baby can't possibly sleep this much. Even at night. He slept until 11:30, nursed, slept till 2:30, nursed and slept till 5ish nursed and just woke up at 7:30. WHAT THE FUCK! How on earth am I getting this much sleep?
  • Next. Since he sleeps so much and he only nurses on one side at feedings that means that one boob goes 5-6 hours with out being nursed on. I am now of course freaked out this will lower my milk supply so I'm counting the minutes till the breast pump rental place opens so I can run out and get one and start pumping before feedings. How was that for a run on sentence?
  • Brandon has been extra affectionate which leads me to believe he is feeling left out and unloved. Even though he is constantly saying I SO HAPPY and I love you mommy and I love you Codi I love you dada I'm still convinced he is unhappy. I can't stop crying about this. I think he feels less loved or something.
  • Brandon now seems 5 years old to me and I'm sad that my little boy now seems so grown up. I feel like it all slipped by me.
  • I'm sleeping in the babies room right now so that I can make sure this child sleeps in his bed (read Brandon slept in my bed for about 15 months). This means I'm not in bed with my husband which makes me feel like an awful wife and that makes me cry. I know making Codi sleep in his crib is right but I feel like I'm now neglecting my husband.
  • Codi doesn't blink much or follow my finger. I know week old babies don't see well but I'm now convinced my son is blind.
  • Since he sleeps so much I'm convinced he is either sick or drugged up on my Motrin. I'm a terrible mom I should call the doctor because surely no baby sleeps this much.
  • Shit, my boobs are full and he's sleeping. Yup my milk is going to dry right up.
  • I'm trying to eat healthy but I just want bread. No bread makes me cry.
  • Codi has a small diaper rash. Breastfed babies don't get diaper rash unless something is wrong. So of course I'm now convinced my baby is allergic to me. This makes me cry.
  • Crying makes me cry.
  • Brandon goes to see my parents and then asks for mama. This makes me think he misses me. If he misses me he must not be getting enough time with me. I suck as a mom of two.
  • Seriously how much more can I fuuuhreak out about nursing. I think I need more water I'm not drinking enough. My breast pads are full, I'm losing to much milk because Codi sleeps to much. I can't get the breast pump fast enough. Is pumping now going to lower my supply? Will pumping now give me to much of a supply? Why is the lactation consultant not at the hospital today? Why didn't the La Leche girl answer her phone? Really really I've done this before why on earth am I so freaked out?

This is just a teeeeeeny tiny glimpse into the crazy I'm feeling right now! Jen and J. aren't you excited for the baby blues? Jen you will have it worse because you are having a boy, therefor more hormones your body is losing!

Way to funny and way to real

This might be the funniest post I've read all week. I love it. I love the shit parents say!

How many blogs can I title Smartass?

Me: Brandon please don't touch that put it down and be a goodboy

Brandon: Does nothing

Me: Brandon please

Brandon: Okay (puts it down, then one tiny index finger points out and touches the pepper shaker) ha ha I touch

Me: Brandon (said in sternish tone)

Brandon: (Raises same index finger to mouth) and says Shhshh

Reminds me of when I was little and someone would say don't touch my food so you would reach out and touch it a bunch with one finger gleefully shouting TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH while the other person cries.


You mean you didn't do that?

So what if I was a bully Shut up before I come touch your food.

Good morning..goodnight

First thing in the morning Brandon wanted to hold his brother.

He likes to kiss him and play with his fingers.

This is how I see Codi most often

Sleeping so peacefully.

Theme song