Oh yeah the doctor...edited for lindsey the smartass

Forgot. We took Codi for his two week check up. He weighed in at 8 lbs which was awesome. At his 3 day check up he weighed 7 lbs exactly. The doctor said he liked to see a weight gain of 1 ounce a day and he gained 16 in 11 days so we were right on track.

Birth weight 7.3 lbs
Current weight (as of last friday) 8 lbs

Birth height 19.5 inches
current 20.25 inches

Everything else was great. He is still a little jaundiced because our blood types were different. Doctor said just to keep an eye on it. Other then that no problems and we go back at his two month check up for dreaded shots!

As my husband called it, MASS TITTIES

Saw the doctor today. Yup I have mastitis. Fun fun! Also, Shawna is a damn genius. I was all hey Shawna, I have a fever and chills and I feel kinda dizzy and she was all "I am super genius, you have mastitis!" It was amazing man. I told my husband and his response was well duh Shannon she's a nurse she has to be smart like that you know. This coming from the guy who when I texted him that I might have mastitis wrote back, mass titties and then wrote back, ha ha TITTIES! Mmmhmm now whose the super genius? Anyway that now explains why I have been going from hot to cold in an instant and why my boob feels like it's on fire, and I'm sort of dizzy. To quote my doctor mastitis will make you feel like you have the flu. I now have to take a medicine that is going to cause me to have to purchase some...ahem, Montestat. Yay for me.

Codi was just sitting here fussing and all the sudden SPLOOOOOOGE he squirted out a giant poop. Before he even finished the poop he was passed out. I found it hilarious. Cept now i don't know what to do. He is totally passed out and I could actually put him in his bassinet right now but he has a poop. Do I risk changing it and having him be wide awake? Of course I do. Sigh. Why on earth did he have to poop right before he fell asleep?

Brandon, where are daddies Pringles

Ohhh because that is where they belong huh?

Hey you thought my belly was big before, now look at it

My first postpartum picture. Hmmm not the worst, not the best though.

Look at my little squishy face! Don't you just want to squishy squish squish it!

Makes me want to sing the Wonder Years song.

You know the one,

And we have a little help from our friends...

I love that song. I love Joe Cocker. But that has nothing to do with this post.

Once when Rob and I had been together about a year I went out and boy oh boy was I thankful for him later that night.

Katie called me earlier in the night and asked if I wanted to meet up with her and Shanna at the Little Wall ( a bar us Reno people go to). I agreed but then I got there and realized what she should have said was do you want to come with me, Shanna, Candace, my boyfriend, and all of my college friends. So since we all know I'm shy I did what I always do in those situations. I got drunk. Not just drunk, but not seeing straight, running into tables, not making a word of sense drunk. Shanna and I ended up outside in my car drinking more because basically we were totally uncomfortable in front of Katies friends. At some point Shanna passed out in her car and I realized I had to leave. I went in and signed my receipt and then realized that I had to pee. So I climbed over my passenger seat and out the door and peed right there next to the curb in the dirt. As I was peeing I called Rob and told him I needed to get home because there was no way I could drive. Not even kind of a little could I drive. Rob however was working in Carson that night and there was no way he could come get me. So he thought he would call his roommate Shane. Only in my drunken stupor I REFUSED to leave my brand new Passat at the bar. My brilliant husband then calls my cousin. He asks if she can go pick up Shane and bring him to me (I am so lucky we all lived with in about 5 miles of each other and this bar) then basically she just got to go back home. It was also about 1am or later. So Lisa brings Shane and he finds me still sitting in the dirt with my pants around my ankles (I had managed to pull up my undies I think) and about to barf. Shane was like okay Shannon you need to get in the car. So I got in the front passenger seat hugging the seat meaning I was facing backwards. Thinking I was totally sober I start grilling Shane about his relationship and why they broke up and on and on, pants still around my ankles. At that point I realized I was going to puke. So I'm now hanging my head out the window puking all over me, the outside of my car and the inside of my car. The worst part is it was blowing back at me so I had puke all up in my hair and everything. We finally arrive at Robs house (Shane had to take me there or he had no way home) and I climb/fall out of the car and curl up in the driveway. Shane is like "Shannon you have to come in." I was like nope I'm so comfy here please just leave me here. Shane basically said Rob couldn't come home and find his girlfriend passed out in the driveway. So he got me in the house and I passed out on him. Finally he got me up the stares into Robs room. I threw up a way lot. However in my genius state I pulled the garbage bag out of his trash and then puked in it, puked on his comforter and just dumped it in the bath and then passed out for the night under his ironing board. Ask me how impressed Rob was with me when he got home and had no blanket and a trash covered in vomit.

Every time I hear this story and I think of Lisa and Shane having to come get me, well it makes me want to sing the Wonder Years song.

Feeling like shit

Saturday I couldn't sleep because I was shivering uncontrollably. Seriously people my feet were shaking, and I'm pretty sure even my toes were. My lips were white, my finger nails where white and I looked like hell. I tried taking a scalding bath and it felt like ice water. I got out of the bath, Rob graciously cranked the heater to 73 (anything over 60 is to hot for him) got me a second blanket and I went to bed with slippers, flannel pants, 2 shirts and two blankets. I shivered until 1am. Shivering so bad I kept Rob awake with my movement. It occured to me that I might be dehydrated as Codi had been nursing every 3 minutes and I had drank a total of about 1 glass of water that day since it took me over 4 hours to drink my two cups of coffee and then I had a bit of juice with lunch. I had Rob bring me a Gatoraid, a Capri Sun roaring waters and a bottle of water. I drank it all and the chills slowly went away. However when I would get up to change Codi I would swerve the whole way to his room as I was dizzy and not quite seeing straight. I awoke with a temp of 100.8 (which is high for me I barely ever go to 98) and progressed to 101 quite quickly and fluctuated between 101 and 102 for the rest of the day. This morning I woke up and my left boob feels like it is sort of on fire. I'm now thinking either mastitis or an infection from my c- section. Although the fire in my boob is leading me to believe it is coming from there. Needless to say, I didn't blog much this weekend. I didn't make it to the store, so I have no milk, no dinner and am on my last pack of wipes. Which means I need to get my ass to the store before I call my doctor because I JUST KNOW they will make me come in. Sigh.

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