Tummy time with the hams

Brandon made me lay down on one side of Codi while he laid on the other side. He would tell me to "pet" Codi here and that he would "pet" Codi there. It was very cute.

In other news, I picked up Codi today and Rob looked at me and said, "you're a good mom" for no reason. Swoon!

Product review = awesome

When I was putting my diaper bag together this time I wanted to put in a small baby shampoo, lotion and rash cream. I like natural stuff so I usually use the Johnsons natural wash and lotion because it smells freaking amazing. Anyway Ginger and I went all over the place and we couldn't find mini bottles of the Johnsons natural so I started looking elsewhere. I hate the plain old Johnsons and I don't like Desitin. While we were at Target we saw this cute little pack and I thought it couldn't be that bad to throw in the diaper bag. It is natural and good for the baby so I would give it a shot.
I basically ignored it until this weekend at my moms house while we were changing Codi. He has had this little rash that actually started out as baby pimples but morphed into an irritation and would not go away. The Aveeno rash cream wasn't phasing it. Anyway I grabbed this cream and told Rob to toss some on so he at least had something on.

When we got home I went to change Codi and was shocked to see the rash was significantly better. I changed him and put the Aveeno back on since that is what is on my changing table. The next diaper change the rash was back. I ran to Target and bought a large size of the rash cream 3oz for $8.99 and tried it out. Over night his rash is almost completely gone. I was totally shocked at how well and how quick this cream worked. It is much thicker then both the Aveeno and Desitin. It has a nice lavander herby smell to it and isn't greasy on my fingers. I love love love this product and now I'm dying to go out and buy the wash and lotion and see how that works also. Target was out of the lotion yesterday so I'm going to see if Whole Foods has it today.

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