My Moby

My mom just got me this thing. It's called a Moby. It's soooo cool. I can wrap Codi up about 9 different ways. I've done two so far. This is how he is sleeping right now. It's organic cotton, super soft and way comfy for me and him. I think I need like 2 more, one for my car so I have it at the store and mall and one for work and then my home one. These things are just awesome. You all need one now!

Wamart makes the men do strange things

Does your Walmart have anything in front of it? Mine has a nail salon and an eye glass place in front. Every time I walk out I check out the little nail salon for no good reason. Twice now though on two separate occasions I've looked in there to see men getting manicures. Now let me first say I see nothing wrong with men getting manicures at all. I do find it strange though that that would pick Walmart to get them, especially since it is a wide open space in the very front of the store where every single person has to pass to get out. Because of this I find it terribly hard to not giggle at them when I walk by. I don't know why I find it funny. I mean, it's Walmart and it has happened twice in one month that I've seen these extremely dorky looking men sitting there getting their manicures. Do you find it funny or is it only me who is giggling about this. I mean if your going to do it, go to a salon or a nail place where you are inside and no one can walk by and laugh at you.

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