The best of Shannon cheats part two

This is one of my better cheats. When I was about 15 my cousin and I had went to Wild Waters. We met these guys, Kieth, Luke and Scott. I had dated Scott for quite a while on and off and then later Luke and I started to date (like 2 years later). Anyway Kieth and I over the years had become pretty good friends and so it was nothing strange for us to hang out. Luke and I would sort of haphazardly date. One day we decided to kind of make things official. The problem with Luke is, well...he was a nice guy. Nice guys and me didn't really get along. I mean, I needed adventure and arguments, and tears and well, great sex you know. So after a few weeks of being very bored with Luke and how freaking nice he was I called Kieth, who was also his good friend and told him we needed to talk about this whole thing. I headed out to his house and we were hanging out talking. One thing led to another and before I know it we were hooking up. Kieth was the bad guy I was looking for. He was also someone I had no interest in beyond that night. Anyhoo here we are hooking up when my phone rings. Well Luke had known I was going to see Kieth and I kind of thought that if I didn't answer he would think it was weird, especially since he had just called Kieths phone and he also hadn't answered. So I picked up, while still fooling around. We talked for a bit, I passed the phone to Kieth and he talked for a bit. We hung up and kept doing what we were doing and all the sudden the phones started ringing. He would call me, then Kieth, then me again. I imagine he got off the phone, thought about it all and figured it out..I mean obviously my voice sounded a little funny and, ummm distracted. I told Kieth he should tell him since they were friends he wouldn't be to mad at him. So he told him. Then I got a phone call from Luke bawling (I don't handle that weepy shit well). I told him, OOPS and hung up. He tried for a while but I didn't care. I had hoped what I did was enough to send a nice guy running, but no such luck man! I eventually just stopped taking his calls, but man nice guys are hard to get rid of.

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