We have a problem here

Codi LOVES to sleep on his stomach. This is a huge problem. He actually sleeps for over an hour this way. The problem though is that babies aren't allowed to sleep on their bellies. Fuck fuck fuck. All I keep thinking is he's going to die from sids or something and it will be all my fault because I let him sleep on his belly to relive the insane gas bubbles. Uggg I hate to wake a sleeping baby, what exactly do I do?

Tee hee

He is just to cute. Way way way to stinking cute!

Isn't my tushy cute...I'm aiming at mommy as I fart!


I was tagged by Max Mom so here you go

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This year has been a great one!

2007 brought:

My sweet Codi! He was the very best part of all.

Brandon started talking in coherent sentences and also understanding what I said, this means it brought my son telling me he is so happy, he loves me, He loves baby brother and so on.

Me losing 34 lbs gaining 45 and so far losing 16 more. Uggg

A redisovered passion for riding my bike. I know this seems dumb but honestly finding something that helps me clear my head instantly was so necessary.

My husbands new job, meaning he was home during the day, and he is happy. I mean knowing that he is happy, wow that was one of the best things of all.

My new car. Yeah yeah material, but whatever.

My amazing new friendship with Jen. I am ever so thankful that her and I started yahooing that one faitful day. It was awesome and much needed, and even though she isn't here it is so wonderful having someone who knows exactly how I feel 98% of the time. It's 98% and not 100% because dude...she wears tapered jeans and I'll never know how that feels!

More responsibility at work. I love this part. I love love love knowing that I'm needed at work.

My husbands new friends, friends that don't do drugs, or drink excessively and who actually come over and hang out and keep their plans.

I tag Ginger, Jen, Lindz, Heidi

I Mae just love her

I just ran home real fast to grab my breast pump and I saw a little Fed Ex box on my porch. I opened it up and discovered that Mae had sent me the vegetarian sloppy joe mix that she had talked about a few months ago. She wrote in the card that she wasn't sure it would still sound good to me since I wasn't pregnant. I put it down got in my car and went back to work. I'm now happy to say that there is only 34 more minutes until I can go home make the entire can of sloppy joe mix and shovel the whole damn thing in my mouth right away. I have no intentions of sharing, or reading the calories I only intend to glutonly eat every bit of it as quick as possible.

Bet you forgot what they looked like

It's all wet here in Reno today. Codi decided he better put on his wee little shoes to keep his feet from getting wet!
See my teensy tiny shoes

Brandon finally got to sport his rain coat and matching galoshes and seriously I'm overwhelmed with the cuteness of them

And the cuteness of this

He looks like he is sleeping but really he is preparing to wail!

Look you think I'm all quite and cute but I'm about to start screaming and making my bottom lip quiver so that mommy gets all sad and then picks me up and gives me lots of boobie!

Diseases of the mouth

I was over reading this blog where she often talks about the funny things she says. It reminded me of a time I made a total idiot out of myself. You know the one where you say something and you get that deadpan, how the hell do I respond to that look. Here is the conversation...its short and not sweet.

I was delivering some stuff to one of our vendors. The lady who worked there happened to be my moms friend from high school who had just moved back to town. It goes like this.

Girl: Wow it's so nice to finally meet you, I've known your mom since high school so It's great to meet you.

Super Smart Shannon: Yeah, high school well, that was a long time ago huh?

Girl: Dead stare

SSS: I mean, Umm I'm not saying your old, I mean you are, but I just meant that was a long time to still know each other, umm, uhh I have to go.

Girl: Dead stare

I'm such a dumb ass!

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