Chunky monkey

Is it odd that my child is 6 weeks old and already in size 2 diapers? Brandon wasn't in size two until he was almost a year old....wait maybe that is whats odd.


Fluent Brittish said...

Dang! I thought this was going to be a post about ice cream.

Christy said...

Izzy is in size 2 diapers too. Not so strange.

Emery Jo said...

Check your junk mail box for an email or two from me... I don't know if you're getting them or not.

I miss Codi's yummy baby smell. Tell him not to forget me. Heh.

Heather said...

I dont think its strange. although im the one with a 2 yr old, panicking cause hes in a size 6 and they dont go any damn bigger..AND hes nowhere near pottytrained...ack!

time for some wine

Rachel said...

max wears a size 5 diapers and he is one. not stramge at all.

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