Lightening up

So my parents came by tonight to bring by Codi's new little chair that I forgot at work.
I like my chair

So before my parents left, apparantly papa gave Brandon a Kit Kat. I tried to take it away and he broke down into the saddest tears I've ever seen so I said fine, because Papa gave it to you, you can have it.

He was sooooo happy to have it all he wanted to do was have me take pictures of his chogglet.

Codi was still kicking it in his chair

Look toys

Brandon smile...no I meant with out a mouth full of chocolate

No clue what this face is

I feel a big smile coming on


So he ate his Kit Kat and then he asked me to go lay with him. I laid down got all comfy and he did this. Dude I thought we were going to read books and watch Franklin.

So I hung out in there and finished Franklin so I could find out what happened with the fossil and he stayed like this.

Anyway he doesn't fight with me as much about brushing his teeth while he is sleeping. The cutest part was how he was opening his mouth and making the motions we do while brushing, but he was totally passed out.


Cristina Mathers said...

omg! look at the eyes on both of those boys! so handsome and codi is getting so big! wow.

Jessa said...

I love how he fell asleep right after eating the chocolate. Too cute! Codi is adorable in his new chair.

Not So Perfect said...

Ah...so sweet, those are some happy boys.

Jeninacide said...

Ok first of all, CUTE CHAIR! Second of all, YOU BRUSH B's teeth while he's SLEEPING!??


Christy said...

everyone looks so happy. Good job mama!

Lainey-Paney said...

they are both sooooo cute.
I can't believe how big Codi is getting!

Lindz said...

NO way... Codi's smile cracks me up, what a flipping cutie. And I wish I had my own kids so I could use terms like chogglet more often.

Swistle said...

Those kids are SO CUTE, but that Kit Kat is SO MESMERIZING.

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