Look further then your nose

About 2 months ago Rob and I cleaned out the pantry. I had all these stupid tupperware lids and I got pissed cuz they didn't go to anything. I also had some little Christmas cake molds and cookie cutters that I knew I wouldn't use. I threw those in a bag too. Finally I had some drawer organizers that I didn't want any more so I tossed em in the bag with the lids. The night that Ginger and I were going to bake I got pissed because I wanted the cookie cutters. I kept asking Rob where he put em. He said where did you tell me to put em. I said I dunno I think I told you to put em above the garage for garage sale stuff. We looked and looked and searched the pantry and I finally got pissed and gave up. The other day I walked into the pantry and grabbed this paper bag that was sitting on the floor and would you believe it had all three of the things I had lost. Sitting right there in plain sight. I mean RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE LIKE THIS. I couldn't help but laugh because I searched high and low for that stuff. In fact I even got out my stool and looked on the top shelves, and got on my hands and knees and looked behind the bag that the stuff was in and next to it and around it but I guess I didn't look in it. I'm still laughing at my dumb ass because every single time I walk into that pantry I see that fucking bag and I clearly see what is in it and I just don't understand how in the fuck I missed it all that time before. So like my mom always told me.....LOOK FURTHER THEN YOUR NOSE SHANNON!


Mom said...

This is my first time to leave a comment because this is Shannon's mom and I leave the comment's for all her readers. I just have to comment on this since I was over at her house the other night and Shannon and Rob have lost the key to their safe and she has looked everywhere for it and I mean everywhere. They don’t know if Brandon moved it or if they just put it in a very obvious place. So Shannon from mom look further then your nose I’m sure you’ll find your key maybe its in a bag too. Is this what mother hood does to new mom's, makes you loose things and think you are going crazy finding them.

Love ya mom

Ginger said...

Ha, I do this ALL the time, especially at work (which makes me look like I TOTALLY know what I am doing when I can't even find that fax I just took off of the machine)!

Not So Perfect said...

Ha ha ha Yay!! Mommy is on here. Knowing Rob do you think he planted them there? That is something Quentin would totally do to me. I sound paranoid I know.

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