You know your parents when

Rob: Babe come in here

Me: Why

Rob: Come see what came out of your sons butt

Me: Umm do I want to?

Rob: Yup just come see it

Me: Uhhh okay

Rob: Look babe it's the biggest log ever. There man sized poops like I do babe, I didn't know he made such big poops!

Me: Ummmmmm Hmmmmm!


Ginger said...

God, your husband is a dreamboat

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

ha ha ha, i'm sure my husband will be just as proud one day.

and thanks for delurking for me! :)

ok, I'm off to read more of your hilarious blog.

Laura said...

How true. I always said I knew that the honeymoon was over when, one day, my husband said,"Come here, close the door, and take a look at this..." which is definitely something I did not want to do.

Mrs. F said...

I am pretty sure my husband and I had almost the same conversation a few years ago :)

Christy said...

Why are men always fascinated with poop? They are strange creatures.

Cristina Mathers said...

isn't it funny how when you are a parent it seems totally normal to discuss the texture of your kids poop at the grocery store, at work or at a cocktail party? i am constantly amazed at the things that come out of my kids. gross.

Em said...

that could be a conversation that took place in my house!

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