1000 and a half

K so! My email hates me. It keeps spamming things. So! If you have emailed me and I don't reply within an hour (yeah I'm fast like that) send me a comment and I will be all over that.

I just found this in my Spam box.
Emery asked:
1. What is your biggest triumph? Wow! I don't know if I have had that yet. I think ask me in 30 years. That way I can see how my kids turn out. Because I truly believe that if I can raise well adjusted kids who live happy and healthy lives then that will be my biggest triumph. I feel like my whole life mission is simply to be a mom so if I complete that mission then I will have triumphed!
2. What is your biggest regret? Regret. To be honest I'm not sure there is much I regret. While there are things I wish I hadn't done I am one of those super dorky people who truly believe that everything begats everything. Meaning if I hadn't lost my virginity to that guy then some how in the long run I never would have married Rob which means I wouldn't have my two amazing children. Yes there are things I wish I hadn't done, (hello orange hair in 8th grade I'm talking to you) but what if I really went back and never did them, would I be sitting here in this moment now? What is that movie, the "Butterfly Effect"? I totally believe in that.

P.S. Emery, I was actually really sad I hadn't gotten a question from you and then when I saw yours in my spam folder I was soooooo happy!


Mrs. F said...

I completely agree with your answer to the regrets. Yeah, there is stuff I could have not done, but would I be here if I hadn't done them.

Again, nice post.

Emery Jo said...

lovely. I'm glad you got my email!! I've been meaning to send you those questions for DAYS but kept getting distracted... sorry! Thanks for making my own special half post to answer them.

Anywho.. congrats on the 1000!! You are awesome!!!!

angie said...

Alright I forgot one question...why have you removed the old Tummy Tuck link on your little blog list over there...don't you know I am very patterned based and I have an order with which I read my blogs...I start here on yours go to the Tummy one, then back to mine...and so on to the other girls! Hello you are messing up my routine haha!

Cristina Mathers said...

i agree about regret totally! everything good and bad that has happened in my life has lead me to where i am and i am deliriously happy. as are you. now get over here and let's eat some see's candy!

Alice said...

so with you on the regret thing. sure i've done stupid stuff, but i learned from (nearly) all of it, and it all got me to where i am now.

Babba Unknown said...

I completely agree about the regrets. Who knows where we would be if we had them and could change them.

Anywho.... I wrote a question but I'm not sure if you got it.

What is more important to you. The relationship you have with Rob or your kids??? What takes priority and comes first in your life???

I had an argument with my husband about this and we can't agree.... so I'm interested to see how others view it.

Not So Perfect said...

WOW!! Good question from Babba, now I totally forgot what I was going to comment. Anyhoo YAY 1000 1/2 post.

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