Yes ya'll thats what number post I'm actually on. Sorry some of you thought #1000 was coming like ten days ago. But I knew I had to announce it early to give all of you LAGGERS time to submit questions. I've only got about 10 so far, and a couple of em are doozies (you know who you are). One of them is such a doozie in fact that I really can't wait to answer it minus the whole, my dad reads this site thing, but alas I will answer it. Anyway I am aiming to post 1000 on Wednesday because that is what day Lee promises me my new site will be launched (Lee I'm giving you a stern IT BETTER BE READY LOOK!). So that means from now until Wednesday you will only get one more post before 1000 so as to stay on track.

Anyway on to last night. I went to bed after Superbowl with my belly full of about 2 pounds of spinach dip and about 4 pounds of cookies. Around 3am I had a dream. I dreamt that Rob and I were in his home town with the kids. We got in some kind of fight and he left with some other girl. He ended up leaving an outgoing message on his voicemail that said something along the lines of, "today is the saddest day ever, I have decided to leave my wife and be with "girl" and I'm sorry." I was devastated and calling his mom and everyone trying to find him. I was driving everywhere with our kids in the back and I was just bawling. It was really so sad. I finally woke myself up out of the dream and reached over for him. HE WASN'T THERE. I sat up in a panic thinking maybe he really had left and divorced me. I was seriously on the verge of tears but then I remembered hat just a few minutes before that he had gotten up to settle Brandon when he woke up. Seconds later Rob was back in bed and everything was fine. I hate when that happens. I don't understand how dreams can be so vivid you wake up feeling as though they really happened. There have been so many times where I dreamed Rob was cheating and I woke up wanting to beat the shit out of him.

Last night I had my annual Superbowl party. It went great. There was so much food and I think I ate enough food to feel 9 months pregnant again. Superbowl is my Thanksgiving. It's the one day a year where I just lose all control and eat as much fat as I can cram on one slice of bread. We won't even talk about how many cookies I ate! A couple other kids came over and one of them was a boy. I think Brandon had the best day of his life running around and playing. It was so nice for him to have a boy over who he could actually act like a boy with. You know do all that boy stuff like smash each other in the face with toys, trip each other, wrestle and so on. Seriously the two were in heaven. But then I got a glimpse into my future. See the second boy was a little younger then Brandon, that means he is easily coerced. So I walk into Brandons room after it's been quiet to long and I see Brandon up on top of his dresser grabbing books of the shelf (he is not supposed to do this) and then quickly passing the books down the Jake the other boy below. They had a system worked out. All the sudden I knew what I was in for. I could just see Brandon climbing to the tippy top of my pantry and passing the marshmallows one by one down to Codi and then both boys running away. As much fun as Brandon had yesterday, well I have to say it made me tired just thinking of the future. And from the looks of Codi's belly, this kid is going to have no problem partaking in cookie stealing adventures!





Steph said...

I totally thought about you and all your yummy food yesterday!

Saly said...

Ok, here I am, lagging behind per usual. Here is my question:

Your posts suggest that you have zero boundaries. I want to know if you are the same in your every day life, and if so, how did you get to be the way that you are (which clearly, is awesome)

I also want to know how you became so interested in as well as so diversified in everything culinary.

Happy 998!

Jeninacide said...

DUDE! The WHOLE TIME I was in Minnesota visiting my mom I kept having dreams that Erick was neglecting me and I kept threatening DIVORCE to get his attention (not because I actually WANTED a divorce) and he kept RIGHT ON NEGLECTING and not even RESPONDING TO ME and I kept waking up all shaky and freaking out and PISSED THE EFF OFF. Then I realized it was a dream and I was like PHEEEEWW!!!

Ugh though.

Blogversary said...

I knew the Giants would win.

What is your dream job?

Cristina Mathers said...

my question is

if you had to pick one what would it be: no more chocolate, or no more myspace?

just kidding,,,,i'll be working on this.

Jeninacide said...

Umm.. i'm hungry. Fuck.

Rachel said...

Oh I wish I was there. It sounds like so much fun. Yummy dip and cookies. I am gklad you have a day that is all yours. I am jealous.

Also the pic of Codi is wonderful.

Jessa said...

You know, since you announced you were getting your own site, I've been checking in just to see if it's up yet and have been thoroughly disappointed each visit not to see it. Can't wait for Wednesday!

angie said...

I had the pleasure of missing part of the superbowl because we left Fernley late :( I have had numerous dreams where I want to punch Dave because he is messing around in a dream! I usually wake up genuinely angry at him until I realize that it was just a dream and get the thought out of my head!

Glad your superbowl was a success...and I already sent a question..I will try to think of another!

Someone Being Me said...

Getting close. I do have one question. Is there anything that is off limits on your blog? A topic that you will not disuss? You seem so open about everything I was just curious if you draw the line at some things.

Christy said...

I had a dream I was pregnant AGAIN last night. It was INSANE.

Megan said...

I have so thought about doing the Kevin/Megan story...stay tuned! I just may!

Oh, and I got those gloves at the Gap a few years back. I love them too! Your comments make me laugh so hard...you are hilarious! I would LOVE you to make me something melty and delicious...if I wasn't at work I'd be on my way over!

And your kids? So adorable. Sigh. Your honesty and their cuteness keeps me coming back for more! :)

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