My job

I was cleaning my sons room yesterday when this starting coming together in my mind.

My job.
As your mom,
It is my job to put the lids back on your markers so you actually have markers to use next time
It is my job to kiss invisible owies in just the right spot
It is my job to know that Honcrean means you want some yogurt please
It is my job to know the difference between a hurt cry and a hungry cry
It is my job to know just how to tickle your back
It is my job to know just how you like your cheese
It is my job to put your toys away so next time you go to the place where your toys belong rather then where you left them they will be right there waiting
It is my job to make you eat more then Cheetos
It is my job to know precisely what cheese you want when you ask for cheese

As your wife,
It is my job to know where you left it and find it when it is hiding
It is my job to know how you want your steak
It is my job to know your a baby when your sick
It is my job to know bacon makes everything taste better

What are your jobs?


Someone Being Me said...

My job as your wife:
- My job is to finish washing the pots and pans that were "soaking" after you "do the dishes".
- My job is to know where everything is located in the fridge, closet, attic, pantry so when you are looking in any of the above places and don't immediately see what you are looking for in your line of vision I can tell you where it is.
- My job is to put toilet paper on the actual roll hanger after you thoughtfully set it on top of the hanger.
- My job is to put up the same freaking throw blanket and pillow every morning that you drag out every night while watching TV.

My Job as your Mom:

- My job is to know whether that smell is the real deal or just a whiff of whats to come.
- My job is to know whether you want a bottle or real food when you are hungry lest ye be angered.
- My job is to know when you are just crying out in your sleep vs actually needing me in the night.

Those are a few of "my" jobs.

Sarah said...

As a soon-to-be future wife, it is my job to:

1. Know that you did in fact take your socks off about 3 minutes ago and if you just look around the OTHER side of the couch, you will find them.

2. Pick up whole pieces of food that you've dropped while you're eating-while-walking. Are you just so tall that you don't realize you've dropped it? I mean, you're pretty tall, but...

Hmm, those are the only two I can think of. We have only been living together for two weeks, though. Get back to me in 10 years...

Lainey-Paney said...


Not So Perfect said...

I have lots of jobs and I can not think of one single one of them right now. Eh...my brain must be tired.

Missy Marshmallow said...

You hit the nail on the head. Why do hubbies always lose things and we end up always knowing where to find them?

Rachel said...

As a mom: All of it

As a wife:

1. cook
2. always have the correct foods in the house
3. bake every other night healthy treats
4. pay our bills, do our taxes and balance our accounts
5. and keep my husband thinking that he is smarter than me. LOL

Jeninacide said...

As your wife:

My job is to always make sure you have wine.
To fold your shirts and socks the RIGHT way.
To do all the laundry.
To whine and tell you to get all your boxes OUT OF THE DINING ROOM.

As your mom:

My job is to DO ALL THE LAUNDRY.
To be at your beck and call 24/7.
To wipe your buns.
To make sure your outfit is cute.
To make sure you are stimulated in healthy ways.
To take lots of pictures of you for your grandma.

arambledlife said...

All of the above and then some...it's a neverending list that changes with the tide.

Anonymous said...

-to wash and fold the whites
-to eat the food you make
-to wake up when our son wakes up in the middle of the night and sleep with him in his tiny twin size bed
-to sweep and mop the floors
-to take out the trash
-to put the trash that you put on the counter in the trash
-to get things in the pantry that are too high when the stool is literally inches away from you
-to try to hang things on the wall when you know that i'm going to make at least 4 holes in the wrong place
-to know not to blame you when youre in your "crazy" moods


Misguided Mommy said...

Anonymous: Correction, you wash and fold your whites because you always throw them in before asking if I have any.

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