Some boys wear their moms shoes

My son tries to use my breast pump.

First you plug it in

Then you attach it to your boo boos

If that doesn't work put it in your mouth and hope to suck NILP back out of your stomach

Smile really big while attempting to make Nilp for Codi

Just for good measure do all of this with your pants on backwards!


Jennifer said...

HILARIOUS! ANd I love the "doing it with pants on backwards." it sounds like a mastercard commercial.
Mom's Breastpump: $300
Watching your son try to use it WHILE his pants are on backwards: Priceless.

Cristina Mathers said...

ok, that was hilarious. make sure you you add it to his yearbook when he is a senior. at least threaten him with it.

Megan said...

So freakin' CUTE!!!! :)

Jayla'sMommy said...

ROFL!!!! Trying mom's breastpump with his pants on backwards... that's just too funny!!!!

Not So Perfect said...

OMG so funny.

Did you show Rob these pictures?

He is adorable.

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