Using this time to watch Oprah...I mean clean house

Codi, take a nap k, mama wants a break?

Okay, one boy down 2 to go

Woohoo kid two is sleeping

Success, kid 3 is asleep

You would think I would use this time to do something fun, but really I just cleaned the house while my dad worked on my furnace last weekend. Either way, I had full control of the TV remote while cleaning, I consumed plenty of chocolate with out anyone seeing (it doesn't count if no one sees it right?) and did laundry. Doing laundry may not seem fun, but doing laundry with out a two year old there to unfold all your folded clothes totally kicks ass! It was the best hour ever!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

You know, I'd have done the same thing. Control of the remote and one-time folding is awesome! I wouldn't know what that's like, tho... :(

Not So Perfect said...

I would say you are a professional mama.

You got all three asleep at the SAME time. I give you much props.

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