• I wake up often during the night. Ever time I wake up during the night, and in the morning I wake up singing the fucking Backyardagins commercial. If you watch Noggin you know what I mean. The BOINGA SONG. Boinga, everything is boinga (pronounced boyn GA). Boinga is a stupid song to have stuck in your head. So now, every time I wake up I am up for at least 45 minutes trying to stop singing Boinga.
  • Last night for a little variety I woke up singing a tune from Lazy Town.
  • Starting your day singing children's songs is a great sign of the day to come.
  • I also lay around in bed thinking of blogs. For instance last night I laid there for hours saying, self, you need to post about the fucking boinga so maybe the fucking boinga will go away. In my head I said it just like that.
  • Do you know that every time I'm about to do something I take my glasses off. This includes read. So right now I go to staple some checks and I put my glasses on my head. When I eat they have to be off my face. It drives me nuts, I hate having them on but can't see with out em.
  • It is VERY hard to work with a new born smiling at you
  • Yes I call my three and a half month old son a newborn what you gonna do about it?
  • When I stack papers the smallest one has to be on top. So earlier I was putting all the checks in a stack. Most are stapled to a larger piece of paper but two aren't. Those two have to be on top or I totally freak out.
  • On the same note when I make a bank deposit all the large size checks have to be in back and the small ones in front. Then they have to be written on the deposit in the order of smallest check to largest checks. Checks that are taller then the large checks but less wide really piss me off and ruin my whole day because they have to go out of order.
  • I'm eating lunch right now egg salad, and ever since my husband toasted his bread for an egg salad I have to toast mine. In fact egg salad on untoasted bread is just plain wrong now.
  • I've chewed so much gum today in order to avoid over snacking that my tongue hurts from all the chewing.
  • I've had about 7 cups of tea today and I think I've peed more then when I was pregnant.
  • It is 43 degrees outside and I'm wearing flip flops simply becuase 43 degrees is warmer then 10 degrees and there is no visible snow which means it is flip flop weather in my eyes.
  • I am done with my lunch break that means I have to stop typing now and go back to working. Adios suckers!


Jeninacide said...

Dude I lay in bed thinking of blog content too! In fact I have pretty much started thinking in BLOG format ALL THE TIME. It's damn annoying.

Cristina Mathers said...

Did you know that Alicia Keys sings the part of the alien in that song? Ellie loves it! ANd sorry to say i sorta like it too. better than some other stuff.

i always think about things to blog, but when i finally get a moment to actually sit down and do it, it never happens. that's why i use pictures, it jogs my memory.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT going to google the BOINGA SONG because then it will get stuck in my head too!

I forgot to have egg salad for dinner...duh!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I think of blog content half the time my brain is working... oh and Noggin is our channel of choice also. Though today I totally screwed up the WHOLE routine trying to switch to PBS. Hey, it was something other than Noggin!

Christy said...

I still have a newborn too. I say they are newborns until they are at least 4 months old.

angie said...

I completely agree about the flip flops! That is a must with me. As is taking off glasses...if I wear mine during the day they must come off to eat. There is something weird about eating with your glasses on. Dave also does this and I did not understand why he did it until I got my glasses and ate my first meal!

Blogversary said...

I have a newborn I think. But he is so big at 3 months that I feel I missed the newborn stage and he is just a baby? What comes after newborn? When do kids officially become a toddler?

Oh and my song of choice is the Wonder Pets "TeamWork" diddy.

Misguided Mommy said...

Jen: we are becoming a whole new race with a whole new language

Cris: I HATE ALICIA KEYS which makes that song even worse to me now

Patty: If you love yourself DO NOT GOOGLE THAT, it is awful

Marni: If you were watching PBS that means you were stuck singing ELMO LOVES HIS GOLDFISH, HIS CRAYON TOO THATS ELMOS WORLD, all day huh?

Christy: I say they can be a newborn till the first time they tell me to shut up

angie: SEEEE I"m sooo glad to know I'm not the only person who just can't eat with glasses on my face

Blogversary: The damn teamwork song is just as bad uggggg thanks for that one! Now I've got a remix of boinga and teamwork in my head.

Jennifer said...

I am with you on the paper sizing thing. I am very neurotic and must have things "just so." And if they're not, heaven help me... I might try to trim them down with scissors. Yes, I've done that.

Misguided Mommy said...

Jennifer: THANK GOSH! I seriously thought I was the only one who was super neurotic about this. Phew!

Mrs. F said...

I can only count money if it is facing the same direction.

Misguided Mommy said...

Mrs F: MEEEE TOOO which was awful when i worked at a hotel and had to get my cash drawer, i would seriously sit there and turn it all the right way or i couldnt function at work the whole day. and dont even get me started on cash and waitressing.

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