Hurry hurry hurry

I need to Exercise

I need to shave my armpits

(Sniffs) I probably need to throw some deodorant on there too

You know, maybe I should just go ahead and take a shower

I need to buy groceries

I need to remember to put milk on my grocery list

I need to open Codi's savings account now that I FINALLY got his SS#

I need to wash my car it is starting to look like my interior color of choice is dirty toddler shoe dust

I need to put those two cups of milk in the fridge

I need to make Brandons breakfast

I need to pee

I need to go see what Brandon is doing in his room to make all that noise

I need to brace myself for whatever I see, it is loud in there, it's going to be bad

I need to make two care packages for friends

I need to remember not to leave my freshly boiled eggs in the pot of hot water again all day resulting in hard boiled egg shaped bouncy balls

I need to drink at least 10 more cups of my chocolate raspberry Hawaiian coffee because it taste like desert

I need to do more sit ups and push ups

I need to do push ups with out a two ear old sitting on my back saying I WANNA RIDE DA HORSE

I need to tell everyone how this weekend I got a little short with Brandon and he replied with, "oh my gosh mom, my goodness." and I had to try really hard not to laugh

I still need to pee

I need to tell Brandon to get dressed AGAIN because I just walked in and found him reading books naked while covering his mr. wiggle saying look mommy it's gone, as he turns the pages

I need to tell you how yesterday my son ran over to me and farted and smewll it mom smewll it

I need to figure out why there is a tissue in my shirt in my armpit

I need to clip two toenails

I need to tell these guys on the Biggest Loser that they are a bunch of super whiney fucker baby pansey asses AND REAL MEN DON'T CRY LIKE THIS! Shit, do they just find men who are going through menopause?

I need to stop blogging so I can get all this done

Do you have anything you need to do today?


Christy said...

I need to take my children outside. We haven't left the house in days.

Patty said...

I need to hear the full version of the "oh my gosh mom, my goodness" story.

The biggest loser guys should say "gay pride on 3" instead of "pride on 3"...they drive me crazy....cry me a river you have to take each other out...IT'S A GAME! Duh!

Ashley said...

that just stressed me out :)

good luck!

Jeninacide said...

I need to get a trade-in on this worthless, sickly body.

Laura said...

I needed to pack... I still do. I'm probably going to wait until the time that I actually planned on leaving to do this.

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