It kind of reminds me of an election

The piercing question reminds me of the last election where everyone was arguing over the results. Do boobs count as 2 piercings or one, since by belly button was pierced 3 different times then is that three piercings or one? Goodness. Either way, Rachel and Coffee slut win because 3 was the number I had set in my head. However after thinking about it I realize that boobs could be two different things because I guess a lot of people only pierce one and not the other. Strange.

I went to Old Navy this weekend to grab some tank tops. I thought I would try on jeans just to gauge what size I am there. I picked up some 14s and then thought, what the hell why not grab some 12s. They fit. They were actually baggy and I probably could have tried on 10s but since I wasn't buying jeans I didn't feel like wasting the time. Anyway my actual question is this. When I started my diet I was a size 18. Now I'm roughly a size 12. So. Did I go down 6 sizes meaning 18-12 =6 or did I go down 4 sizes meaning 18, 16, 14, 12= 4 sizes? Also, why is it womens jeans aren't done like mens jeans? You know 30, 31, 32, 33. All of their pants are sized the same and they get all the sizes. I really think women get screwed. I mean I know that while the 12s are baggy the 10's might be a little snug so why is it I don't have the option of an 11 yet my husband has the option of a 31?

While I'm busy bitching about sizes please explain to me why a size 12 isn't the same size for every fucking designer? Friday at work I pulled out all of my old jeans. I had 5 pairs of Lucky's in size 14 and 2 pairs of Abercrombies in size 12. Tell me how it is the 12's fit perfect but the fucking Lucky's were snug? Or how my size 16 Old Navy jeans are GIANORMOUS but my size 16 Lucky's fit perfect?

Codi took a bath today and I think he is too chubby to fit properly in his bath tub. I find this super duper cute. He keeps looking bigger yet weight wise, no change. He has a doctors appointment Thursday and I'm excited to see his weight. I'm also excited to find out if I can feed him steak rice cereal yet, because he won't quit staring at my spoon.

Okay must go snuggle fresh bathed baby now!


chelle said...

Sizes drive me bonkers!
Way to go on the weight loss!
I have some older jeans that still do fit yet ... they are a size bigger than what I wear!??!

Rachel said...

Size drives me even more than bonkers. Some jeans fit me so tight and then others falls off but I think I only buy jeans that have the waist size but even them some jeans I have fit really small etc. Oh I could go on forever.

yeah I guessed right!!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I love reading your blog. I am so glad I found you.

Lainey-Paney said...

I don't think I would like going in & ordering a size "30-something". But, it's just what I'm used to...having a smaller number size.
But, European designers often measure differently...

...and yes, fat babies ROCK!

Lainey-Paney said...

PS: congrats on going down in sizes!!!

Cristina Mathers said...

first woo whoo to you for being skinny. jerk.

second. i think that old navy purposly makes their maternity clothes waaaaaaaay larger to make you feel better.

but i feel like we have discussed this beforesrgyfk

Kat said...

Congratulations on going down a few sizes.

The whole size thing with each designer, store and company having different sizes should be forbidden by law. A size 12 should be a 12 or else. How dare they mess with us. Feckin' eejits!

Greg said...

Ok so I cannot remember if I found you through Cakerwakers or Max's Mom!! But I found your blog at any rate and think you are hilarious!!

I would think that they would make womens sizing a bit easier. When I try to buy something for the wife, she usually tells me to foget it because the sizes differ so much from brand to brand. So I stick to what I know she likes.......Coach handbags!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome for you that you're getting skinny!!

And I agree... sizing sucks for women. Notice how expensive women's clothes are as compared to men's?

I personally love to get men's boxers and pj pants and wear those around the house. MUCH cheaper than the sleep shorts and sleep pants for women.

angie said...

I couldn't agree more with the whole size thing!! Remember I was feeling between sizes too! I agree though that a size 12 should be a size 12 and it should be like that across the board. It makes it hard to go in to different stores to buy jeans and stuff because you are like well here I am a 12, but here I must have a 14 blah blah blah!

Christy said...

I am excited about your weight loss! I can squeeze into my size 14's, but a 16 fits much better. My goals is a size 12. I am not very ambitious.

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