Which one

While driving to work this morning the following was on my radio. Which one did I listen to?

1. Sean Kingston- Beautiful girl

2. Neil Diamond- Cracklin Rose

3. My favorite talk radio show

4. Adam Corolla

5. Something on the country channel

6. That newish song by John Mayer

7. Plain White tees- Delila

8. Chingy- Holiday Inn

9. None got mad and turned on my Ipod


Christy said...


Mrs. F said...

Number 4

Patty said...

I say #9

Coffee Slut said...

I'm gonna go with #2 ...I can just imagine you singing along with Neil!

Heidi said...

I am guessing #9. (and my second answer would be #6).

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Ipod. I hate these damn test but I guess last one I got it right.

Laura said...

2. It has to be 2. 2, 2,2,2,2,2,2,2. I hope you are well after that.

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