A little something I like to call photographical evidence

My husband likes to say I never change the toilet paper roll. He likes to tell people I leave it on there empty. So today when I walked in and saw this

I thought I would take photo graphical proof that I DO TO CHANGE IT

So I was left with this.

(And before he says that it wasn't him who left that 2 inches of toilet paper scraps, it was, because when I walked in the fucking bathroom fan was on, and if you know me you know I hate the sound of the bathroom fan so I would have never turned it on, clearly proving that HE was in fact THE LAST ONE in the bathroom)


Notice the toilet paper is also put on the roll in the proper direction.

And finally. There is someone in my kitchen cooking. To say I am having a mental break down would be an understatement. To say I feel hives coming on and I can't stop twitching and walking in there and hovering would be closer to the truth. I don't even like my friends in my kitchen touching my knives and now there is a guy in my kitchen using my stuff and I'm losing my shit. Yes my husbands cousin is here visiting and she brought her boyfriend, who offered to cook his signature tacos for us. I didn't give this enough though clearly or I would have realized that would mean he was in my kitchen touching my stuff and oh my fuck what if he isn't doing it right. I equate someone else touching my knives to umm, probably what you would feel like if someone came in the bathroom and offered to wipe your ass for you. You know, it would just be, not right, and maybe a little too close for comfort.

I need a shot, and a valium.


Mrs. F said...

Your tp is on the proper way. Apparently different people have different ideas of what the right way is, but my husband and I completely agree with you.

The tacos were good at least, right?
I can't imagine the anxiety you were feeling.

Rachel said...

You are too funny. My damn hubby never changes it. It could sit there with no toilet paper for 3 days. ARF! As for the kitchen-yeah I feel the same way.

Haley-O said...

Oh gosh! I'm NAUSEOUS at the thought of someone else cooking in my kitch!!! ((HUGS!))

I put my toilet paper on the roll THE WRONG WAY -- just to be rebellious. ;)

Cristina Mathers said...

i used to never put the tp on the holder and m would get "mad". i've purposely gotten better at doing it so that i can have rights to complain when he piles dishes in the sink.

Laura said...

I am now the only person here who changes the toilet paper roll. Sigh...and I feel for you with the kitchen thing. I just left my completely unattended for 9 days.

Lover of Life said...

I hate the bathroom fan!

Steph said...

I really think you are the only person that would take pictures of the toilet paper left and the new roll you replaced.

Oh and it pisses me off when people put the roll on the WRONG way.

Em said...

I hate that!!! And it must be on the right way and we actually used to argue about it which way was the right way so this post makes me very happy i am right!!

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