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Hi. I'm reaching out to the blogosphere for some product advice. I am on a new mission to try and go green and organic. I have so far found a dish soap, dish washer soap, laundry soap & fabric softener, body wash, lotion, window cleaner and bathroom counter cleaner I like. I am currently looking for a face wash and shampoo. I tried a shampoo and I hate it, and I am hooked on my Philosophy so if you can find an organic face wash that is as good as that, well then you are a champ.

I am interested in all kinds of products or foods you find useful. The majority of the foods I buy are organic so I'm pretty set there. So, all my fellow granola cruncher hippy friends out there, throw me your best suggestions. What things have you tried? Paper towels, toilet paper, clothing, cleaning products, beauty products? Let me have it? What are your favorites, and least favorites, and where can I get them?

Please keep in mind there is a vast difference between all natural and organic.

Organic Vs Natural

Organic foods are produced according to a certain production standards, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.[1] For animals, it means they were reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. In most countries, organic produce must not be genetically modified

Natural foods are foods that do not contain artificial ingredients and are minimally processed. Natural foods do not include ingredients such as refined sugars, refined flours, milled grains, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, artificial food colors, or artificial flavorings.

Sucanat, stevia, raw honey, agave syrup and maple syrup are sweeteners often used in place of white sugar in a natural foods diet. Sea salt is also preferred over table salt.

Proponents of natural foods diets argue that refined ingredients promote obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The biggest difference is that certified organic things are regulated and checked to be sure they are organic. I don't mind stuff that is all natural, but I am specifically looking for stuff that is certified organic!


Anonymous said...

Welp we do the
Cloth diapering (home made)
No paper towels we use cloths for everything and they just go in regular was.
Cant help much on face soap we use just bar stuff, for cleaning we use vinigar and baking soda ( especially for tubs I take a semi wet tub dust with baking soda use a dry cloth and scrub and it will take up the soap (what is it called soap scum?) right up.
I use cloth bags for shopping If I find the site a great site to make your own hand soap and dish detergent and laundry soap. That is all my sleep deprived brain can think of (wait we done use plastic wrap or baggies all reusable containers) f I think of more I will post again in the am
Grant's sleep deprived Mommy

Sabrina said...

I'm no help since I'm looking too. But I think you should post (or even just email ME) you list of stuff you found that you like. Share the knowledge! (With ME!)

LauraMae said...

Check out the website I pasted below...I love it because it has great advice for going green...hope this helps!


Blogversary said...

My hardest part to go green is with beauty products. I have tried the green face products and they totally break my face out.

I have tried some Burt Bees shampoo/cond and they are not quite as good as my salon products.

I do use cloth bags for shopping.

Cheeziemommie said...

Do you guys have a Body Shop where you live? If not you can order online. Check it out. I don't know if they are 100% green but I do know that they use ALOT (if not all) of natural products and are REALLY big on the earth and all that. THey have face products for every skin type, hair products, and makeup too! www.thebodyshop.com

LauraMae said...

Oh yeah, I like Aveda products and Biolage...I think both are pretty green?

Anonymous said...

FYI: According to their website, Aveda is one of the largest purchasers of organic ingredients in the personal care industry.


Misguided Mommy said...

Laura: I am so happy to hear this because I actually used to love Aveda's mint shampoo and conditioner, and we just got an Aveda store here in reno, count me in!

LostInLife01 said...
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Pockets said...

You can always get basic household products from Seventh Generation, we sell them at the Great Basin Food Co-Op and also they sell them at Wild Oats.

Also, there's a huge section at WO devoted just to skin and beauty care. I recently tried Giovanni Organics, the 50/50 haircare for Dry/Colored hair. For a bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner it was roughly $16. I like it because a little goes a long way (and they even carry it at Target now, too). You can get biodegradeable toothbrushes, tea tree toothpaste, organic face wash, and there's plenty of brands to pick and choose from. The cute little employees are always helpful with suggestions, too. Aveda is okay as far as product goes, it's always pretty steep for me on the pocket side. Well, steep without justification.

Shape and Self are two great magazines that get you motivated to do great things for yourself, around your home, and for the planet. There are tons of green suggestions (household, beauty, etc...), plus the added bonus of recipes, workouts, and cool celebrity interviews.

That's all I've got!

Lover of Life said...

I love "envirosax" which are incredibly strong bags that fold up into tiny little pouches for your purse but hold tons of stuff! (I bought them on-line and they came in a bigger pouch of five - gave two to Jen and kept three, but I only use one because they hold so much!) You can find them at Target. I also use all Mrs Meyers bio-degradable, etc cleaning products because you can return the containers to the place you bought them to be re-used. Here in Minnesota we found them at Ace Hardware. Only use Shisiedo on face, however.

Anonymous said...

For beauty supplies, take a peek at Cosmetics Kitchen . They're all about all-natural and organic beauty items.

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