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Please participate them, as they will be part of an upcoming blog!

Also, please keep in mind the responses are totally anonymous so you can answer 100% honestly and no one will know, if you are secretly in love with hamburger helper, or take out food.



Ashley said...

I voted, I voted!

Sabrina said...

I voted and now I know I suck. Ugh.

Mrs. F said...

I voted and I have to say that when I cook (about 6 nights a week) dinner I do a mix of fresh and boxed. Fresh veggies with boxed potatoes or something. And a piece of chicken from costco. I voted for cooking fresh, because I figured it counts that my main dish is not from a box. Yes? No?

Lainey-Paney said...

time out---to me, cooking hamburger helper IS cooking.

so, i suppose i need you to clarify: what exactly is cooking?

if I put Eggo Waffles in the toaster, and serve 'em up---that's cooking. right?

what about combining all of the ingredients to make tuna fish sandwiches? Is that cooking?
B/c to me, it counts.

I'm just sayin'.....

Laura said...

After weeks and weeks (really months and months) of takeout and pizza and dinner out or over at someone's house, I am back in the kitchen. It still hurts to cook because I always make too much and cry over it, but it's better for the kids.

Cristina Mathers said...

i am actually secretly in love with subway and these carne asada burritos from this one place here. my husband loves hamburger helper, but i never buy it because it's like death in a box. we really don't eat out that much because i love to cook. if we do it's usually our once in a while SUPERMEGAAWESOME indulgence of taco bell. if you're gonna be bad, you should just go all the way.

is this when you tell me that you buy all organic and make everything from scratch???

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