Spring Cleaning

So I'm spring cleaning. Meaning out with the old books, and time to buy new books. I want to sell all of my books in one lot. I can't find a stupid book store here who buys books. Do you guys know anyone who buys books? I'm asking $60.00 for 34 books. Yes a couple are older but the rest were purchased in the last year, and they are all in mint condition, and look brand new.


Amanda said...

There is a few there that i would like to read, but they would cost to much to post:-(
Sell them on Ebay or Amazon?

Love Amanda x

(you've put me in the mood for beetroot now!)

Ashley said...

I highly suggest that you go to www.swaptree.com !!!!! That is how I get rid of all of my old books and get the ones I want .... for nothing! You can also get movies, video games & cd's, did I mention for nothing. Anyways, I hope this helps.

Rachel said...

Wow-great deal. Wish I had the time and energy to read? where do you get your energy? Sell me some of that and I will pay a high price.

LauraMae said...

You should try paperbackswap.com!

Jeninacide said...

Um yeah... We have used bookstores here that buy them. Reno sucks. My solution= MOVE TO PORTLAND. Ha!

Eva said...

Um, where do you possibly find the time?

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