Drowing you in photos

Daddy and Codi bonding

Someone (name rhymes with mom) gave him a cookie

Apparently Brandon thinks he can carry Codi

Today, my mom and Brandon went to check on the little sunflowers they had been growing. They just planted em outside, after they had sprouted them inside. This is what I saw a few minutes later, followed by Brandon informing me, "squirrels mean mom, they ate my plants!"
This, is his "mean" look

The way to a mans heart? While picking up dinner grab a sixer of his favorite beer, and hide one in the fridge. Then ask if he can please grab you the milk

Brandon watering his garden

Cheeseball head

Papa teaching Codi to walk

And giving him driving lessons

Brandon wanted in too

How I normally look any given day after work

I just walked into Codi's room to find him standing in his crib. Later tonight I put him to sleep and laid him in his bassinet by my bed. I hear him giggling and rawring (video of this noise coming soon), and walked in to see him standing in his bassinet, holding onto my bed trying to get out. GREAT! Now where in the heck is the little shit supposed to sleep hmmmmm?


Anonymous said...

Codi is very advanced! Way too go buddy. My baby cousin, born on the same day as him is not crawling yet...trying but not doing it yet.

You look so cute too!

angie said...

#1...you look fabulous!!! You must have had one of those days where you felt like a size 2 because you look it!!!

#2 Can I please just eat Codi's face?? It needs to be nibbled on and those cheeks pinched. I'm convinced that you have no time durning the day to work, I mean pinch those cheeks so I should probably help!!

#3 When did Brandon transform into this big boy? I think Codi is making Brandon look like he's 5!! I love his mean face :)

Jeninacide said...

I love how you get the rice in a perfectly round ball! That's so fancy!

Also I cannot believe Codi! He is crazy! Cole is just now learning to sit up by himself! Definitely NO WALKING in our near future.

Heidi said...

Great pics! You look great!

PS How do you cook your salmon?

Tabitha said...

Love the photos ~ your boys are just gorgeous!!!
Tabitha XX

Ginger said...

That is the cutest picture of your dad and Codi. So adorable!

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