I woke up this morning to find some new little treats in my yard. My mom planted some tomatoes, and flowers through out my yard. She also planted something I forget the name, but it is meant to attract honey bees, I wanted to do my part to help the bees. My most favorite part was my new basil plan, and my new lemon thyme plant that joined my rosemary plant. I have already been outside chewing on fresh herbs, (yes I chew on raw fresh herbs, I'm awesome).

I got my sweet baby Codi crawling over to me, he was just so sweet smiling and chasing me on the carpet.

Then my silly little Brandon went outside, ran through the sprinklers, and then to my delight, he shot himself in the face with the hose!

My mom also got me some tulips, my favorite flower

And finally, my husband helped my kids get me a much needed pedicure!

You guys think I'm due for one?

Now my husband is out buying me a bagel. Here's how that went.
Me: K tell em I want an everything toasted with plain.
Rob: Okay an everything bagel toasted with plain cream cheese
Me: NO an everything toasted with plain
Rob: Thats what I said
Me: No you said bagel, you don't say bagel, you're at a bagel shop obviously your buying a bagel, it's bagel lingo silly,
Rob: Cool an everything bagel with plain cream cheese toasted
Me: Sigh, he soooo doesn't get bagel shop lingo **shakes head**

I am now sitting here on my couch watching the Oprah sandwich showdown. I'm salivating, and I'm wondering why I didn't send Rob to the sammich shop, or no even better to the deli for loaves and loaves of fresh bread and cheese.

Come to think of it, Ginger is coming over soon, I think I will drag her to the store for some bread and cheeeese!

I'm a little slow this morning, we went to a birthday last night and I have a hang over.
No not that kind of hang over, I don't drink.
Two words:

Am now suffering severe sugar crash. Fierce sugar hang over. Please bring me two Tylenol, a glass of water and a plate of greasy bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast.

Both babies are sleeping right now, I'm watching Oprah, drinking coffee waiting on bagel to arrive.

Life is good!


angie said...

How cute are the pictures of your two boys!! I love them! Hope you are enjoying your lovely mother's day!!

Someone Being Me said...

Sounds like an awesome Mother's Day to me. I need a pedicure too. I am just waiting on the hubby to come home and relieve me from baby duty so I can go.

Amanda said...

Sound like you had a great day!
Those are such big brown eyes the little ones got, what a heart-breaker:-)

love Amanda x

Ashley said...

Happy mothers day!

So sweet about the plants.

and would you look at those eyes!?!? wowza. adorable!

Cristina Mathers said...

i don't know what oprah show you were watching but remember when she found the "art cafe". that is in my town.

anyhow can we have an after shot of the toes please. otherwise i will be forced to think of you always with the other ones....

Anonymous said...

C'mon, I only said that once. I asked what you wanted, you told me and I said OK. Then I did a couple things, then I asked you again, then that's when I said "bagel." And at the bagel shop they have other things besides bagels...geez.

; )

Modest Mousketeer said...

Cheers to pedicures! You'll finally get that little moment of YOU TIME!

I've been ordering my bagels wrong too... shameful.

Mrs. F said...

Your day sounds blissful. I bought myself a purse because I thought I got nothing. Turns out my Mom helped the kids craft something cute for me.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Mother Victorious said...

Glad you are feeling better! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Lainey-Paney said...

chocolate fountain...yum.

Heidi said...

I can not remember the last time I had a pedicure. I do my own. My mom did happen to buy me one of those pedi-shaver thingys. Haven't tried it yet though. Have you had a pizza bagel? I love those.

Steph said...

Funny we were talking about the pedi recently!! You definitely are due and so am I! I am so happy you had a great Mother's Day. Rob did good!!

Ginger said...

Dude, I never got my sandwich! That just occured to me that you stuffed me with sugary food I told you not to buy, and then you didn't even make me lunch! Geesh, I mean it was Mother's Day and all, and you are a mother and I'm not, but I still expected lunch!

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