A perfect post

Petra, at Petroville started this thing called the perfect post award. Every month her friends award certain people an award based on one post they wrote for the month.

Last month I wrote this post. I wrote differently when I did this post. I was angry, and upset, and mostly defeated. I didn't edit it, I didn't prethink it, I just wrote. I just opened my blog let out of a flood of emotions and went with it. I was astonished when I got 13 comments (a lot for my little blog I'm longing for the day of 100) because to me, this was just a quick note, a girl jotting down what was on her mind. No humor just raw emotion. I was triple shocked when I signed on this morning to see that Jodifur a long time reader had given me this.
You can follow the button to here, where the award is posted. Thank you Jodi (I call you that even if it isn't right, sorry) . I appreciate it. Your comments and emails that day, and also Devras were a giant huge relief. Sometimes, you just need to know your not alone. So again, thank you.


jodifur said...

You are welcome! And you deserve it. That post was so raw, and I have been there many times. I know, the normal reaction is to want to edit it down, g-d forbid someone calls us a bad parent. But you said it so well.

And of course you can call me jodi!

Blogversary said...

Congrats, you do writes some good stuff.

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