Cake wrecks

I've gotten totally hooked on a blog. It is called Cakewrecks. It's short and sweet, usually one or two updates a day. Often times I have to read the bloggers description to even find the error. But seriously you need to bookmark this page, it's always good for a morning laugh. (These are all real cakes, and all made by professionals, or grocery stores). Here are a few of my favorites.

These people probably got charged for the extra lettering

What the fuck exactly is this? They claim watermelon. I say drunken kermit

I don't know if the word fuck up is worse or the colors

Because this looks exactly like the Olympic logo


Jennifer said...

Those are funny, but the most disturbing one is the "Watermelon" cake. It looks very grossly suggestive to me. Like a female Kermit with gyn issues. Eew.

So there goes my breffas appetite.

Cheeziemommie said...

LOVE that blog! :)the baby ones freak me out!

angie said...

I thought the watermelon cake was a freaking green olive! I must say the other morning when I wanted to kill someone this blog made me laugh :) Hopefully the people don't have to pay for these cakes...seriously how hard is it to understand what the people want written on the cakes!

lucinda! said...

i just posted about this blog the other day. i love it!! my favorite was the "push olivia push" cake. i couldnt imagine somebody showing up to my baby shower with that cake. oh and the random quotation mark cakes are always funny

Christy said...

My friend Eva sent me a link to this blog a few weeks ago. She also sent me a link for a "quotation" blog. Pretty funny stuff.

Mrs. F said...

Thanks. I just spent an hour giggling at every "cake wreck". I have shit to do. Other shit. But thanks.

PS Do you love my quotation marks? I am going to start using random quotation marks from now on. Watch.

Mrs. J said...

OMG!!! those are crazy!!!!

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