(Edited to add: The above title was supposed to read, THE DISNEYLAND OF BIRTHDAYS, NOT BAGELS!! I am obviously soooo stupefied with my bagels that is all I can think about!)

So I just went to my mail box to find the rest of my present from Patty!

She fucking knitted me a scarf.

I don't even know what to do right now. I'm totally overwhelmed. I don't think I've gotten a gift this personal since my grandma was here and made me doll clothes. The scarf has a faint scent of Patty, and I feel like I just unwrapped a giant New York hug in a box. I am going to keep this for life and put it on when ever I'm in need of a hug.

The rest of the gift.
Bath stuff
Chocolate...this shit is so good it won't make it through the hour.
And the sweetest most personal card ever
I can't begin to describe Patty how thankful I am for you in my life. Thank you soooo much I love you!

Update, I tasted the bacon chive cream cheese she mailed me and that stuff is enough to turn me into a meat eater!


Patty said...

Happy Birthday Love!

You mean the world to me as well and I love you very much. You have been an AMAZING friend to me and I feel closer to you than to people in my life I see all the time. Our friendship is rare and special and I hold it close to my heart.

I can't wait 'til the day comes when I get to give you a hug (if you are cool with that) and see you in person!

Have a GREAT birthday! Love you!

jodifur said...

Happy b-day? Can I have a bagel?

Christy said...

Wow! You are one lucky girl!

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