Last night my husband spent the better part of the evening looking for his camera. We looked everywhere. By the end of the night Rob was getting a little frustrated and I was wondering where on earth a camera could go in such a short time. This morning I found the camera. I think we should do some investigating.


The scene of the crime

I think, based on deductive reasoning I can make a pretty good judgment on where the camera was. You see minutes before the camera was spotted this was the scene in my house.

So boys and girls, next time you lose something, try checking your 11 month olds toys first. Seems someone had hidden it under the seat of their little fire truck. Wonder what else he has in there.


Christina said...

Ummm thanks That would be the only place I DIDN'T check before purchasing a new one this month so I investiated and found the old one. Now can you find my cords to the DVD player?

Cheeziemommie said...

hahaha so cute! I had a lil daycare guy who, at that age, liked to put EVERYTHING In the trash. So whenever something was missing that's where we looked first! :)Such a FUN age!

Mrs. F said...

Look a that grin. He is too cute! He probably had it when you took that picture!

Jiff said...

LMAO. I'll definitely keep that in mind..>Bay will be crawling soon and once that happens... oh lord. The things that will end up missing!

Christina said...

Yup I did after you posted I waddled downstairs and checked her toy ride on (it has been in the closet for a bit) and it was there in that seat compartment, would not have found it wihtout yours and Codis help, it was an older camera and is now my oldests as my new one rocks

Christy said...

Sneaky little guy!

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