Tomorrow, heads are gonna roll

Someone took $150.00 out of my checking account with out my permission. They automatically deducted it from my account. This place deducted it even though they were explicitly told to deactivate any further deductions from my account. The place with the girl who sits at the front desk who said "I just check this box here and no further money will come out." No money came out for two weeks and then the owner of said place illegally checked off the box again and took money from me. Tuesday I will tell you who did it. You will be so shocked and appalled when you hear this story. Tomorrow I will give them 8 hours to put the entire amount back in my account or I will be filing a police report, disputing it on my debit card AND contacting the better business bureau. That is a lot of money to just secretly try and remove from someones account with ZERO notice.



Brandon just came in and asked me to bake cookies. I wasn't feeling like making dough and what not but I wanted to do something. I had a pie crust left over and I remember my mom saying Thursday that she used to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on hers and bake it. So that is what we did. I melted butter and let Brandon paint it on. Then I let him sprinkle cinnamon and sugar all over it. After that he used cookie cutters and cut out shapes. We used the left overs and rolled it up into a "B". He loved his cookies.

While we were doing that Codi got caught pushing his favorite button on the dishwasher

He thought it was funny that he was caught

So funny that he growled at me, this is his growl face...also I totally needed to fix the settings on my camera, they were set for different lighting. Oops!

Just some pics

This apple is as big as my head

Brandon asked for bone chicken (turkey)

Me and my husband (the werewolf)

Papa put Codi on top of the fridge and he thought it was the best thing ever

It rained the other night so I told him lets go outside and play

Shhhh brover is sweeping


Dear Marie Callender's Pumpkin Pie in my fridge

I am sorry I had to eat you (for breakfast)


Not that sorry.



This is Shannon on alcohol. Not sure I've ever drunk posted before. Hey look at that, I still type pretty well, or, at least spell check makes you think I do. I broke a nail and typing is hard when they aren't all the same fucking length. So, whatever my mom asked me to post what I'm thankful for. Here goes nothing.

1. Kaluaha + Vodka + Half and Half = White Russian, yes am very thankful for 3 of those and a glass of wine, and a cordial of baileys.

2. Thankful that all the right family showed up this year and I enjoyed the most peaceful Thanksgiving of my life (minus the whole KIDS WON'T STOP SCREAMING THING)

3. I'm happy my run away niece got to spend the day with us. I miss her.

4. I'm thankful my parents help me pay for this whole fiasco. I'm thankful for the amazing house they have given me to live in too. Because, if you saw it, it's pretty fucking amazing

5. I'm thankful for carbs

6. I'm thankful that my fresh cranberry sauce was pretty fucking awesome this year

7. I'm thankful for the pie in the oven

8. (And the ice cream in the freezer)

9. I am thankful I've finally learned to surround myself with loving amazing people.

10. I'm thankful I'm able to reacognize that you don't need your entire family to be happy, that you only need the family that "gets you" around.

11. I'm thankful that I'm smart enough to realize that sometimes that family comes in unusual places (Ord)

12. I'm thankful my husband did something special and illegal for me (it involves vampires). He knows how to make me smile and he did it all on his own.

13. I'm thankful for the picture of Edward my mom hung in my closet today...now he can watch me get dressed.

14. I'm thankful for that time late at night when you take of your bra and your boobs drop and you think AHHHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOD

15. I'm thankful for watching my sons jump on my dads belly. Every kid deserves a papa like that. I didn't have one, but my kids sure do!

16. I'm thankful I wasn't to drunk to post about the time my husband got Sani Hut water on his face!

17. Finally I'm thankful for all of my loyal readers. For that small $30.00 BlogHer check I get each month. For the people who comment. The people who email me. The people who found me on Twitter and those of you who know me well enough to know when, well enough is enough!


Cooking away over here

This week I made my favorite red bean quesidillas, some red rice and my husbands favorite breakfast potatoes. Head over to the Tasty Temptations blog to see my recipes. Not to mention, the photo of what happens when you leave the room and ask your husband to watch that the tortillas don't burn.

Proof you shouldnt make sick parents change diapers

I've got the worst cold right now. One of the joys of having a kid in day care. He brings me a new germy present every week. Anyway I haven't been sleeping good because of the coughing and the not being able to breath thwu my nose thing. Codi usually wakes up around 615-630. On good days he will let me know he is up by giving a big happy fart. Yesterday he did a big huge fart. I was kind of incoherant but I got up, peed and stumbled over to grab him. I reached down and felt his diaper which was soaking wet. I half walk half sleep walked into his room. Seeing the changing table was his cue to start wiggling like a fish out of water. I wrangled him down on the changing table and went to work pulling off the diaper while trying to also remove it fast enough that he didn't grab it with his hands and kick his feet in it. Only, I was too slow and he did both. Damn. So I ripped it out faster and flung it over by the wipes.

It was then that I noticed his morning fart was..more then a fart. My kid was covered in poop. He somehow managed to get his hands in it AND HIS FUCKING FEET. Then I realized that my act of FLINGING the diaper made poop go everywhere and upon looking down I noticed I had somehow stuck my own goddamn hand in the poop. So I did what every good parent does. I stood there for a second trying to wake up while wondering what the fuck exactly had just happened.

Thats when I realized, that since I was sick I couldn't smell the poop as a warning. I was still standing there unawake, totally out of it when I realized OH YEAH POOP EVERYWHERE. It took me forever to get us cleaned up. The flining of the diaper had leaked poop into the back of Codi's footie jammies. This made it hard because I had to hold him up to clean him, and I couldn't put him down to clean the rest of him or I would be putting him down in more poop. I ended up having to lay a wipe over the poop, put him down at hyper speed and then pull his arms out of his jammies so I could toss them aside. The whole process to change one damn diaper took me freaking 10 MINUTES.

This is why I think that if mom is sick you shouldn't make her change a diaper. Or any parenting for that matter since you need all of your senses to parent. Anyway, that is how my day started, with my kid and me both covered in shit!



A long time ago Brandon was tired but wouldn't go to bed. I started tickling his back and he loved it. From then on he would ask Rob or I to tickle his back or tummy. I love doing that, I love when he asks me to tickle his back. We have other night time rituals too. Brandon has bad dreams at night. Some nights they escalate to night terrors even. Lately what I've started doing is trying to talk to him about good things before bed. Happy things. First I tell him a story that always stars a little boy named Brandon. Sometimes we read books, his favorites are, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and Sleepyhead? And then as I tickle his back while he drifts off I say, "don't forget to dream about Christmas." He replies, "I won't forget." I do this over and over while drowses. Don't forget Christmas, marshmallows, cookies, candy, Halloween, the part, etc. He drifts off mumbling about Santa clause and marshmallows. Most nights it seems he sleeps better.

Tonight however, was my most favorite. Tonight while putting him to bed he said:

"Mom, will you tickle my eyes."

Then I melted. He drifted off to sleep as I gently rubbed his eyebrows and told him a story about reindeer going clack clack clack on the roof.

Also, check out the books I mentioned above. They are great bed time stories. However Jane Yolen also has a great collection of dinosaur books. We love reading How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Dinner. Kohls sells these for $5.00. You should really check them out, here is the collection.

I love the Sleepy head book for so many reasons. The colors and illistrations are so pretty and the words are very...soothing. Brandon loves it and shouts SWEEPY HEAD when he sees it. Anyway Christmas is coming up so I thought I would start sharing a few of my most favorite books with y'all.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

***November 22, 2008***

In case you haven't read about it on fansites or movie blogs, here is the news that we have all been waiting for [source: Summit Entertainment (summit-ent.com)]


Los Angeles, CA November 22, 2008 — Summit Entertainment announced today that the studio is officially moving forward with the production of NEW MOON, the second installment of its filmed franchise TWILIGHT, the action-packed, modern day vampire love story. The movie will be based on the second novel in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series titled, New Moon. The first movie in the TWILIGHT franchise, the self-titled TWILIGHT, arrived in theaters this weekend to sold-out showings.

Stephenie Meyer stated, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON."


Oh yeah..the kiss

By the way, the first kiss in the movie, yeah thats going to win some awards. Seriously it was the best movie kiss I've ever seen and I would be lying if I said I didn't catch my self leaning forward wishing he was totally about to kiss me.

Yeah, it was that good.

So really how was the movie---no spoilers

The first thing I can say is, if you hadn't read this book I'm not sure you would love the movie as much as me...well, anyone will love it as soon as they see Edward and his HOTNESS. When I went to the movie I went to it expecting it would be missing things from the book. Hello, that is a big book it would have to be a 4 hour movie to come close to touching it. That is why, when they did miss things, or change them I didn't mind because I was easily able to fill it in, in my head. At the same time there was nothing big missed. All the big good parts where there. It was the smaller conversations, Bella cooking, things like that, that were absent.

When Edward walked onto the screen I shit you not the ENTIRE theater of girls erupted into some unintelligible screams of oos and awws. And dammit, I WAS TOTALLY SCREAMING IN MY HEAD. Everything in the movie was beautiful. The music, the stillness, the motion, the EVERYTHING. Carlisle is hot. James is hot. Emmet is hot. Jacob is hot. Jasper..not so hot but Alice is so cute she makes up for it. I spent most of the entire movie watching Edward love Bella and like my husband and I discussed last night every single boyfriend/husband/lover was totally fucked last night when their girl got home and A: they were not a super swoony vampire and B: They could never ever ever love their girl with the intensity of A VAMPIRE DUH!

The movie was good. I went with someone who hadn't read the book and he really liked it. They stayed very true to everyone in the book.

I came home and checked out Stephanie's website and she said that she will not be finishing Midnight sun. I was pretty sad. Seems she is to angry that it was leaked early. So, I went ahead and read the half that was out, Edwards side, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. So, I would read it, it is short, it only covers half of book one...but..it makes you love Edward about 3985098098 times more.

Okay. I have to stop typing I need to go collect change and possibly pawn my wedding ring so I can go see this movie again every day for the rest of my life.


Too busy swooning to type

Just saw Twilight. Swoon. Sigh. Uggg.


To be loved like that...


Old habits die hard

Today is national BEST DAY EVER DAY because Twilight comes out and thanks to my parents I HAVE TICKETS TO GO TO THE MOVIES WITH OUT KIDS OMFG!

Anyway yeah, I'm a bit excited to see my vampire boyfriend on TV which is why I'm so annoyed that I am sick. I was blowing my nose this morning when I was reminded of one of my worst habits.

I can NOT blow my nose with out then opening the tissue to look inside. I CAN'T DO IT! I have tried to stop but some how that tissue always opens and I always see inside. Which is why I know that today I have green boogers.


More budget friendly meal idea

My cousin and I were talking about our shopping list this week. We compiled a few meal ideas that are very budget friendly. Here they are.

When making spaghetti double or triple the amount of sauce you make. Then you can re-purpose it for lasagna or baked ziti. Next week on Monday I plan to make lasagna then on Thursday I will be making spaghetti. Aside from boiling noodles I don't have to do a damn thing!

I like to do a lot in the crock pot. One of my favorite things to do is cook chicken with onions and garlic. One night I fry a portion of it up with some coriander and adobo and make tacos. The next night I add some green enchilada sauce and make quesidillas. Lisa stretches hers even farther and makes enchiladas.

I also love to make Lisa's Spanish chicken recipe in the crock pot. One night I make taco salads and the next night enchiladas.

My husband loves pork carnitas. When making those I double up since it is only onions, garlic and pork, and some water in the crock pot. The next night you add BBQ sauce and wala pulled pork sammies.

When you make large cuts of steak like tri tip reuse some for tri tip salads, fajitas or sandwiches.

My husband loves frozen chicken wings. They can be grilled, fried or baked. For only ten bucks a bag you get a ton of chicken. I like to use them for what I call weekend meals. I don't like to cook much on weekends and I don't like meals with leftovers. Having those wings around is a cheap way to know my hubs will make food. Normaly on Saturday if I don't want to cook I say fuck it lets get fast food. But now I'm going to make sure I have plenty of wings on hand for him to play with. He can grill em, toss em in hot sauce and butter, fry em or do whatever and it doesn't cost me any thing but the initial cost. One bag lasts at least a month.

I make other cheapy weekend meals like burgers. They are great, no left overs and cheap. You can do so much with a burger too so you can make it more then once in a month. Mushroom burgers, chili burgers, Mexican burgers you name it.

One of the tips I was given in a comment was actually pretty brilliant. If you need a lot of something buy two smaller ones. For example we use a lot of cheddar cheese. I used to be able to afford two big bricks a week. Now I can only buy cheese every two weeks. Well halfway through the week my cheese starts to get a little stale. Zip lock bags actually kind of suck in the way of cheese. This week I'm going to buy two smaller cheeses. That way I have a fresh one each week, I'm not throwing away the stale, discolored cheese and the price is close to the same. I took her advice with the sour cream and it worked great. I don't know about you but I have big issues with sour cream after it is open more then a week. This time I bought two smaller sour creams. Which is good because I've only used one, and the other one is still fresh and sealed up for next week.

Eggs are another great saver. You can do so much with eggs. Especially at the end of the week. Omelets for dinner, scrambles, or frittatas. At the end of the week, or on a Saturday my husband loves to go through the fridge and see what is left and make a big scramble (truth he tries to make omelets but it turns into scramble when he flips it..shhhh I didn't tell you). I've been known to do this too. Have a few mushrooms, some frozen spinach left over, maybe a little onion, and some bell peppers. A couple small pieces of two kinds of cheese and I'm set for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. I always ALWAYS have hard boiled eggs in my fridge. Cheapest meal ever, egg salad sandwich on cheap white bread. Or they are a great cheap item to toss in the hubbies lunch box as a snack. He even has his own tiny salt shaker in there. Two eggs cost you maybe .25 in comparison to how much he would spend at a gas station on a snack, even a bag of chips now is over a dollar.

Other money savers are making more then just dinner. I TRY to make my husbands breakfast most days. Some days I fail but the days I succeed I save at least $4.00 of him going somewhere else. And if I make his lunch even 3 days a week, well that is $12.00 and if I tell the truth that his breakfast burritos cost him $5.00, well shit, that right there is a $15.00 a week savings. Imagine what I could buy for $15.00. His lunch cost a minimum of about $7.00 eating out. If I make 3 lunches I've now saved $21.00 and if I make both breakfast and lunch that is $36.00. I don't know about you but $36.00 is sure a lot of grocery money especially when I can buy a weeks worth of breakfast for just about the cost of one of his fast food meals. Eggs are cheap, bacon is fairly cheap when you consider a weeks worth of use. I like to make him breakfast burritos wrapped up in foil so he can eat them driving. Eggs, tortillas, some sausage and bacon, with a little cheese. Quick, simple, cheap and a nice hot and filling breakfast. Some days I make him breakfast sandwiches, Wonder bread, eggs, deli ham and mayo. Again, cheap!

I realize that waking up in time to make breakfasts and lunch sucks, BUT having that extra money in you're account doesn't suck! I also know first hand that making a double portion of dinner to serve as lunch is not any harder, it doesn't take any longer and you won't even notice. The same goes for double portions to reuse in another dinner. Instead of harder this will make your life easier. Not to mention I personally think spaghetti taste better the next day as my lunch!



Codi went to his one year doctor appointment today. Everything was terrific. He's walking, says his three words, does every single thing on the chart that a 12 month old should do, he even does stuff a 15 month old should do.

That is, except...


After talking to the doctor he thinks Codi has a food aversion. He has given me the names of a few speech therapists. I guess some speech therapists work with children who won't eat. He said we will try textures, flavors, colors, methods of feeding and such plus techniques to desensitize him. I've started reading about it and it seems normal, well not normal but not WEIRD. So tomorrow I will call and we will get started. Has anyone else every experienced this? Were you told to see a speech therapist? Did it work?

They also pricked his finger and he looks a little anemic. The doctor said that was kind of a big NO SHITTER since DUH the kid won't eat. He is growing well, his head is nice and fat and he looked healthy and happy so the doctor wasn't overly worried. He said to start him on a vitamin, offer him every single food under the moon and work with the therapist.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank goodness for friends

Last week I went to my mail box and found the prettiest black and white polka dot box ever. Miss Mathers had sent me a care package. While I plan to do an entire post talking about every single item she sent me this post is about one item in particular. As you may have read I was in a bit of a funk last night. The kids wouldn't stop and my nerves were just on edge. I twittered about my need for chocolate. There was none in the house. I found myself in the kitchen staring at one of the things Mathers sent me.

Sweet Cinnamon Spice.

I made some toast sprinkled this on and then died. It was so delicious. So good in fact I don't have a picture of it because I shoveled in my mouth at lightening speed in order to avoid SHARING!

Yes. That is right, I'm a total asshole for the first time ever I didn't want to share with my kids.

Anyway there is a secret ingredient in this stuff that I know but won't tell that makes it so good. In fact I think Miss Mathers should change the name to "Magic Fairey Sweet Pixey Dust Deliciousness."

I suddenly thought OMG I could put this on popcorn or ice cream or in my coffee (which I plan to do tomorrow morning). And while I absolutly won't share my little stash with you I will give you the link so you can go order your own. But. If you do, order enough so you feel safe sharing. Otherwise, you better have a real good hiding spot.'
Order here...beware it's good shit!



I used to tell my husband that God must really love me giving me two boys. After all I wanted boys. They are easier. Cheaper to shop for and mostly drama free.

However I've spent the last hour watching my two children ages THREE and ONE kicking, hitting and choke holding each other. Codi smacks Brandon in the face, Brandon retaliates by locking his legs over Codi's body so he can't move. They both respond by screaming. Codi jumps on Brandon and kicks him in the head so Brandon shoves him off the couch. The next thing I know Brandon is next to me saying MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY CODI PUSH ME MOMMY CODI PUSH ME MOMMY CODI PUSH ME and I have Codi on the other side tugging on my pants saying AHHHHHHHHHWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ

Suddenly it occurred to me that God was playing a sick sick joke on me. Only me. Not Rob. Because in a few years these two will be Robs little buddies and then it will be THREE boys picking on me not two.

My husband is sitting over there on lifting his ass off the chair to make sure his fart is as loud and obnoxious as possible. Brandon is sitting here saying UUUHHHHHHHHH which is his version of a burp. Codi is sitting here poking me in the head laughing. All the while I'm sitting here with my head in my hands wishing for 14 fucking seconds of peace and quiet!

Oh and look there goes Codi with my very expensive iPhone in his mouth. Nope, never mind he just dropped it on the tile in favor of climbing my 11 stairs only to get to the top and SCREAM because he can't get down.

Brandon just stomped off to his room only to get up there and start yelling MOM I CAN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT I WANT KID MOVIE MY TV WONT TURN ON CODI IS TOUCHING MY SOCKS STOP IT CODI MOM CODI WONT GO OUT OF MY ROOM MOM.............

And right now I'm thinking fuck getting drunk can I please just have a jumbo bar of chocolate to dunk in a pot of melted chocolate and sprinkle with shaved chocolate.

At this moment I'm thinking fuck this parenting shit is hard. Because some days IT IS. Moms can't be sick, they can't just go hide in another room, they can't go to bed early. Shit, neither can dads. My husband has to be on call 24/7 with Brandon when he wakes up with his night terrors. I can't do it because I have a 2 foot tall tick stuck to my boobs all night.

Codi stop touching my computer mommy is typing. No no don't push that it turns off the comput..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Happy first birthday Codi

To see the rest of his pictures click over to my flickr

He had the best day!


Two sickies in a bed

I spent my day at work with two sickies in my office.
Don't let the smiles fool you they were only nice to each other for about 14 seconds. They spent the rest of the day kicking each other, screaming, shoving and wacking one another in the head with metal objects. Apparantly being sick does not make them be nicer to each other. Sicky one has had a bath and is upstairs in bed with dad snoring (dad is snoring too I can hear him ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS)

Sicky two is passed out in the Boppy in my lap. He had half a bath (you know when you throw half your body in your brothers bath in an attempt to get in)

I'm pretty sure I'll be sicky #3 tomorrow. I feel like shit, my throat is scratchy and I'm exhausted. Note to husband..DON'T KISS ME AT ALL TOMORROW!


I have a meatloaf recipe and a roasted onion potato recipe up on the food blog. Tonight I have another version of the roasted potatoes and a redoux of the cheesy chicken pasta. I've also started a new catagory over there for cooking with kids. I post up pics of my kids helping me cook. I think I will start putting notes at the bottom of the recipe telling what I let the kids do. For example when we made the meatloaf I put the crackers in a bag and let Brandon smash them. Then I mixed all the seasoning in a small bowl and gave him a tablespoon and let him scoop it in the big bowl as if he was measuring. I also let him crack the eggs in a small bowl first and then let him pour. The other night we made baked apples and I again mixed the seasoning and then let him scoop it in the apples. Then I let him put the precut butter in the apples and pour premeasured juice in there. When I work with cheese I have a small childrens butter knife that I give him. I cut some thin slices of cheese and put them on a plate and then let him cube them and eat them. That way he feels like he is cutting and chopping with me.

Anyway I will try and be better about getting pictures of him helping. I have added other labels too. Such as cheap (which I think I might re-title as budget cooking), and quick cooks. I'm really trying to keep the food blog a nice mix of budget friendly items and then impressive wow your man items.

Anyway check out the latest recipes on the Tasty Temptations blog.

Dear kids, your mom is an idiot..don't be like her

We had Codi's 1st birthday this weekend at Chuck E Cheese. I know lame huh? But, every kid coming was so much older then Codi it made sense to have the party somewhere that would entertain them, and also somewhere that I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER!

The party was mass hysteria. Seriously that place is like a hornets nest. Only imagine hornets who scream and yell and push and shove and steal other kids tickets and break games and spill juice on themselves and get stuck on the slide and OMFG GET ME OUT OF HERE. Our two tables were actually very pleasant. Codi loved his cake the food was devoured and I think there was only one or two crying incidents from my table the entire time. And one of them was totally MINE!

You see. There was this game there. Ginger played it once and got a ton of tickets so I figured sure why not. The premise is there is a ball attached to a rod. The ball spins around in a circle clockwise. What happens is, you put in your token and the machine gives you a number like 4. Then you have a mallet thing and you get to smash this button in attempt to make the ball spin around the number of times shown or more. Only it doesn't give you a number like 4 it gives you numbers like THIRTY FUCKING TWO! Right. So Ginger says it's sooo easy and she did it the first time and played for like four hours on one token. SO. I whack it. the ball goes around 7 times. I get a little mad and put another token in. Ginger says it's easier if you put your other hand on the mallet when you whack it. So I try. I make it around 18 times toward my new goal of 31. Cram another token in. 17 spins. Now I'm just getting mad. I never got a number lower then 31 to try and beat. Now I'm seeing red. I finally decided it is because the mallet is attached to a string no more then a foot long. You can't even lift the mallet to get good leverage (well you could if you were three feet tall).

I stare at this stupid machine and figure I'll just hit it harder. I smash another token into the fucking machine and mash it with the mallet. FOUR. FOUR FUCKING TIMES AROUND. My cousin Lisa walks up and starts laughing at me. "Four times Shannon is that all." That is why they don't make the mallet string longer because if they did I would have mashed her on the fucking head while she teased me.


I crammed a final token in the machine and before I knew it I was seeing red and BAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! I mashed that bitch button with my fist.


Fuck me. Now Ginger and Lisa are both laughing at me, shaking their heads obviously thinking this is something only Shannon would do at a kids place. So this morning when I was trying to cut some stuff for dinner, and last night when I was typing that is why my fucking hand hurts.

So. Some advice. Next time you are at Chuck E Cheese, maybe try stepping away from the stupid fucking game before you mash it and nearly break your hand. Perhaps go try something less dangerous like playing in the ball pit.

And NO! I didn't win. Even when I mashed that fucker with all my might bare fisted I still only made it around 9 times. Stupid fucking Shannon proof games.

What would you take

You are about the be stranded on a desert island. You can bring 3 things but!

You will be provided with all of the basic food and drink items.
You can not bring anything electric or battery operated.
You can not bring a person.

What three items do you bring?

Back from the dark side

I finished book four yesterday. I think I read all four in about 5 days. I must say the Twilight series might be the best set of books I've read in a really long time. I loved how it made me feel emotions. I was sad, mad, happy, hysterically crying, and furious at least once in every book. Every character made me mad and every character had some redeeming quality that made it so I loved them a thousand times more then I hated them. I dreamt about the book and thought about the characters and sympathized and empathized and just plain fell in love.

Yes. I feel like a dork. Yes. I told my husband I had a crush on a vampire and YES I really really do have a crush on a fictional vampire.

I love how this book was never written to be about traditional vampires. It wasn't all blood sucking and coming out at night. The book was never based on common myths and while of course the whole thing is fake the book is written in a way to make you believe it is TOTALLY FACT!

I would be lying if I said, the same way Sundry is consumed with zombies, I'm now convinced my husband is a secret ware wolf and both of my kids are half breeds, which is because of course I'm a secret vampire. Why else would I be so cold all the time, and why else would my husband radiate heat through me so well and why else would Codi have so much fun biting my boob when he nursed?

Not much else has been going on. This last few weeks I've been having the WORST round of vertigo. I go to bed spinning like some drunk idiot and wake up swaying and rocking so bad I nearly dropped Codi walking from my bed to the door the other day. I've been nauseous and just plain feeling shitty. You know that feeling girls that you sometimes get once a month where you feel like an empty cavern. Like even though you're not hungry you feel like you are starving. Like nothing can fill that void. That is how I've felt. I tried going back on iron to see if it helped. I messed with my vitamins, I ate a little different and nothing helped. I remember last time this happened I spent hundreds of dollars to hear the doctor tell me that with vertigo you have to wait it out. I know there is a pill I can take when vertigo gets too bad but of course since I'm nursing I can't take it.

Codi had his first birthday this weekend. As soon as I get the pictures off Katies camera (my battery died right when we walked in) I'll show you how my son showed his cake who was boss. He has his 1 year appointment this week and I'm sad because I know he won't make the weight requirement to turn around, hes one freaking pound short. I've gotten him to eat saltines and pancakes right now and that is it. Even now I put some cinnamon sugar toast in front of him and he looked at me like I just tried to feed him fois grois. Just to be clear if that was chocolate toast he would totally be eating it.

This just in, Brandon just sneezed a booger so long it DANGLED into his cereal bowl. Eww. Good thing he was almost done.

My parents let Brandon have their copy of Toys R Us Biggest Toy Book Ever. He now spends every night "reading" this book and telling me every single thing he NEEDS! He also points to everything and tells me what is a girl toy and what is a boy toy. Did you know a Hot Pink monopoly set is for boys only?

Brandon just whacked Codi in the head with some big piece of rubber thing while yelling JUKE! WTF is a Juke hmm? I have no clue. Earlier last week Brandon looked at me and told me I was a dork. Gee thanks kid. This weekend at the store with my husband we ran into some of his old work friends. Brandon looked at them and said, "you don't say shit." Hey thanks for that kid!

Oh yeah. We switched his daycare. And I plan to write a ton more about that on Wednesday. It is an excellent story! Seriously, watch for that one!

I feel like I spent the whole weekend doing the same things. I woke up and swept the floors and went to bed and swept the floors. I've cleaned my tables and counters like 6 times this weekend. I'm sitting here right now staring at the food on the floor wondering why kids have to spill so much. It is like they have some kind of built in mechanism forcing them to drop everything in an effort to irritate their parents. I think it is attached to the same mechanism that makes them wake up the second you fall asleep.

Oh did I tell you about this weekend when the giant motherfucker spider came running across my couch this weekend? The spider I tried to kill but instead watched in horror as he ran down the couch and hid UNDER IT. Yeah I didn't sit on that couch for two days because I was convinced spiders were going to come out and kill me. Yes, this was just a day after I was woken up by eight tiny legs crawling on my arm. You know eight tiny legs that fucking disappeared when I woke up and went to mush them! Fucking spiders.

Okay have to go and sweep the floor and try and convince Codi to stop climbing to the top of the stairs and then crying because he can't get down.


As promised...money saving tips from others

Yeah I know I promised you some of the great money saving tips I got. But then I started reading Twilight. I finished it in 24 hours and went on to the next book, New Moon, 15 hours later I found myself sucked into part three. So that's where I've been. I only have about 100 pages left of Eclipse before I can start book four and then I need find book five online so I can read it before it comes out. My husband is laughing at my crush on a fictional vampire. He's also shocked it's a vampire and not, a cowboy or something. Sigh. Am I the only one who finds Edward so dreamy?

Jiff said

I have done a couple things to make it better for myself: store gift cards. I load money on it and leave the debit card with hubby at home. I have been known to cook a few meals in bulk and store them in the fridge or freezer and just heat them up later. The most common is my friend Courtney's chicken spaghetti.

A recipe that's simple and easy... not gourmet or fancy like what you and Cristina do, but:
cut up and coat ckn breasts in flour. Brown and then add the shells only from Kraft Shells & Cheese with two cans of Rotel. Don't use water, the Rotel is what you use instead. When the pasta is cooked and tender, add in the cheese sauce and it's done. A little spicy for me, so sometimes I use one can of Rotel and one can of water. But whatever. Z and Joe love it.

Christina said
Some of my tips might be a bit more expensive the first time but it adds up over time.
I buy meat in bulk and then seperate it when we get home ( I do one big shop a month and then bi weekly for fruits veggies milk things like that)
That means I have two envelopes(jars here) for food one for the big shop and then the one that is for the bi weekly shop.
I find buying in bulk evens out over the months because I seem to run out of the bulk stuff at different times.
On my big shop I buy ALL the diapers and wipes(gave up cloth for disposable due to the bedrest with the twins) I buy the months supply of cleaning products if I have run out, I buy a huge bag of rice every 4 months (like the mamoth ones). I found with things like sour cream as I don't use it daily and to prevent it from going bad I buy the no name smallest containers then the fresh ones stay sealed in the fridge and it can usually last us through the month. It is hareder for perishable in bulk as I tired the huge block of chesse but it took two months to go through. If I find something fresh I can cut up and freeze I do, my kids don't get the individual snack pack things in there lunch as it costs to much niether do they get juice it is water all the way here. For lunch snacks I bake and freeze things individual pop them into the lunch and they defrost by lunch or snack time. All the older kids (my blog list 3 of my 5 (not including the twins) as I took custody of my step kids prior to my spilt with hubby and am still in the process of them becoming officaly mine yes that will mean 7 with the twins...where was I the bigger kids all have theromoses as it is so easy to make more of a meal ad reheat it the next morning and pop it into the thermoses (which I preheat by pouring in hot water then dumping out). I will compile a bunch of my easy cheaper recipies for you in the ext cuple of days most are convetable with vegetarian meals.

I forgot the sick cupboard have the cupboard pre stocked for colds flus stuff like pop jellp juice crackers whatever you use when someone gets sick then you wont spend as much as if you ran out and grabed anything you could think of.

Mrs J said

We are on a tight budget right now and we try to be as frugal as possible. I haven't done as much menu planning as I should but we really reduced our grocery bills. We use couponing, setting a budget of $30/wk, comparing prices and buying only the best deals, no eating out and learning to say NO to ourselves everytime we're in the grocery store bombarded with so many temptations! Our pantry hasn't been so full since we did this compared to our $200 grocery trips before and we have MORE food now!

Anonymous said

My husband and I just recently ended up in that same position where we're finally being forced to cut back on the excessive grocery spending, and focus on not wasting food... what a bummer! But in the Cooking Light magazine, they just featured a whole series about "cooking once and eating twice." I love this! I just made spaghetti the other night, and then re-used the left-over sauce for lasagna. Or making a tri-tip one night, then re-using the leftovers on top of a salad the next night. It's worked really well for us, and I've definitely seen some savings already since we're not throwing all that extra food away! Good luck... can't wait to hear all the other ideas!


Fucking Mathers

So as my sweet little Crissy MARIE (I know your middle name) Mathers mentioned yesterday we have developed a little pen pal relationship. It all started when I was pregnant with Codi and she sent me the most thoughtful package with a great little diaper clutch for Codi, chocolate for me and some coloring stuff for Brandon. I returned the favor sending her home baked goodies and from then on we have had a little mail relationship. She usually sends chocolate at just the right time. I returned the favor with some funky trinkets from a favorite store. However this time shes totally in trouble. Shes been harrassing me to read this book for a while now. I have made fun of her proclaiming I had no interest in Vampires. So, taking matters in her own hands I walked out to my doorstep yesterday to find that a certain Miss Mathers had sent me the book. Leaving me no choice but to read it. I picked it up last night at 5pm thinking I would read a chapter and add it to my stack of books. At 10pm last night I was at chapter ten and willing my eyes to stay open. This morning I was on chapter 15 cursing the fact that I had to go to work. I'm told this is a series of books and now I know exactly what I will be buying with the money I've been stashing away every month from BlogHer ads! So Cris, thank you but also FUCK YOU for getting me TOTALLY HOOKED ON A GODDAMN VAMPIRE BOOK!!!!!!!


Mmmm wintery baked apples

Yes I know I'm showing you a picture of a half baked apple. It's because the thing was so damn good I started eating it before I even pulled out my camera. Also I started eating it before it cooled off and OUCH!!!! Anyway if I had some vanilla ice cream you bet your ass I woulda cut this up and put it on there and then poured the scalding hot juice over the top.


Wanna make this...click here.

(Also this meal cost me nothing but the price of the apple I had sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg butter and apple juice all on hand.)

Saving some cash at the store

As I mentioned before I was able to go to the store and buy 7 full days of food for $89.00. A few days later I think I've found more ways to cut it down more. So. Here are all of the things that worked for me.

First. I made a list 2 days before going to the store. I did this so that I could really look at it and make sure I needed what I said I did and also made sure I didn't forget anything.

Second. I put my menu on my list. For instance I knew that one of my breakfast meals was sandwiches (don't ask husband loves sandwiches for breakfast). I also knew I was having tacos for dinner and that salad would be my side dish for at least two nights. SO when I wrote tomatoes, I wrote (tacos, sammies, salad). Then when I was standing in the produce isle I was able to buy exactly what I would need, no more (no waste), and no less (no tempting me to go back to the store).

Third, I listed the items I ALREADY HAD with my menu. For instance under stuffed bell peppers it read:
Stuffed bell peppers
-canned tomatoes

That way I could easily look at it an know that all that meal needed was bell peppers. I can't tell you how many times I get to the store and think I have everything for a meal and get home only to find I did not in fact have any onions. This is why I made the list early. I made the menu, made the list and then checked my kitchen. So far I've been right on target.

Another huge thing I was able to do is know that every meal I made would turn into a left over for lunch. I'm lucky that my husband would prefer a warm left over meal for lunch to a cold sandwich (cuz he likes it for breakfast, dork). It cost me maybe $1.00 more average per meal to double it. 1 pack of any meat makes two meals for him (and even a small portion for Brandon.) The best benefit of this is the time saver. I save SO MUCH TIME in the morning not having to make him a breakfast and lunch. Not to mention there is usually enough for him to share and I can't say that I don't love hearing all his friends swoon over my cooking. The other day one of his friends even told me if he sees something that I made even if it has stuff he hates, he will eat it, just because he knows he will love it! Talk about walking on air for the rest of the day.

After this weekend one of the things I came up with to save even more money is to remember that on Friday and Saturdays meals I don't need left overs. I forget that my husband loves to have ramen or use some of his budgeted SUPER BURRITO money. Sometimes he likes to have frozen pizzas or..well bachelor food you know. So now what I've decided is that I will either make a really good favorite meal on Friday that can double as Saturdays dinner. Or I will make something both nights that will use the same meat but can be done different. For instance one pack of chicken can make grilled chicken and chicken tacos and I've spared the expense of a whole other pack of meat. I learned that this weekend when I had the greatest left over stuffed bell peppers and my husband ate burritos instead. And then Sunday morning when I had awesome chicken left he ate ramen. Luckily today at work he was going to be out of town and not near a microwave so I shredded the chicken and made chicken salad sandwiches.

I also planned breakfasts. I bought stuff to make breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and of course his beloved turkey and roast beef sandwiches. I think I did pretty good.

One thing I will say is, shopping on a budget takes time. You can't rush to make a list and you can't rush at the store. I only forgot one thing, potatoes. I saw them on the list as side dishes but I totally spaced actually writing them on the other side. Luckily they were cheap and something I could easily run in and grab. I think forgetting only ONE thing my first time was great. I highly recommend taking a little more time to make a list and plan. Plan menus, think ahead for the other meals too. I made sure if we were having tacos that I grabbed some beans for me too. When I picked cheeses I picked cheese that could work with tacos, stuffed bell peppers and breakfast burritos (Monte ray Jack). I also knew I had cheddar that was almost done so I picked a meal using that (cheesy chicken pasta). I also knew this recipe, my chipotle lime chicken and my bell peppers all took green onions. Because I had a list I was able to buy a large enough amount of green onions for all of the recipes. Normally I would have seen green onions, grabbed one bunch, and by mid week I would have run out and found myself at the store grabbing those and BROWSING other isles.

Finally I got some AWESOME tips from y'all in my comments section. Tomorrow morning I plan to post those and link to all of you. I can't believe the great tips you gave! Thanks a bunch!


Opposition and relief

As I mentioned before my husband and I are working on our finances. I also mentioned that I was reading this book. One of the chapters in the book talks about the people around. Dave (the author) says that often people trying to make changes in their lives will meet with violent opposition. These last few weeks as I've slowly told my friends and family that my husband and I are going to be making some drastic financial changes I prepared myself for that. For arguments, looks, laughter and snide comments. I was stunned however when none of this happened. My parents have been amazing. They have been understanding and helpful and UNDERSTANDING. When I'm not all there at work they get it. When I say I can't afford it, they respect it. They gave us this amazing house to live in, helped us remodel it and have gone above and beyond to make this easier on us.

My cousin Lisa spent TWO HOURS at Walmart with me tonight shopping. Actually she sat yesterday with me online as I created a menu, planned a list and calculated the money. She then went with me to the store while I WHINED and bitched and cried about prices and what I couldn't get and WOE IS ME! When we got to the check out instead of ridiculing me for my meager purchases, or teasing me for budget shopping and penny pinching she looked at me and said "I'm really proud of you." I was thrilled.

On a walk with Katie today she talked to me about money. Listened and shared her stories with me and DIDN'T EVEN MAKE FUN OF ME when I said I'm strongly considering giving up my Yukon for a more budget sensible (mini van). Knowning I'm on a budget and that I was going stir crazy she asked me to go on a FREE walk with her. I loved it. It was so nice to go do something that cost nothing and have some really good really honest conversation with a friend and walk away knowing you weren't judged and things won't be said behind your back.

Ginger and I are always frugal which is nice. She totally udnerstands everything I'm going through and has been so great with me. I love knowing I can talk to her 100% honestly.

I was stunned to discover the peopel in my life are so amazing and rad that I experienced ZERO opposition. No negativity, no one telling me I'm crazy, or wrong, or stupid or silly. I'm sure it has something to do with the current economy. Maybe some of them even think I'm being smart right now. No matter what it is, I wanted to tell all those close to me THANK YOU! Thanks for being so open, and accepting of my mess! You're all the very best!



A few weeks ago I discovered this great marinated pork at the store. I added a few things, kicked it up some and came up with this recipe.
Click here for the full recipe.

So earlier in the week my cousin Angie mentioned she made stuffed bell peppers. That reminded me that I had some sausage left to use up before the week was over and bell peppers are a super cheap meal. I added the ingredients to the list and it turned out all I needed for this whole meal was mushrooms and bell peppers. I actually had everything else. Want the recipe?
Go here!


So I got pissed and attempted to capture him walking with my built in iSight. No it's not the greatest quality and yes THOSE ARE MY BOOBS! But dude NO TIME FOR SHIRT PRESHUS BABY WALKING!!!!!!!!!

Codi walking from wilddreemer on Vimeo.


I just spent a ton of time filming footage of Codi walking all over the house. However my goddamn new Mac only has the fancy new fire wire while my computer uses the old one. I need to get some kind of converter mabob to make it work. In the mean time I went to the store tonight and guess how much I spent.....

This will last me all the way until NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!
Every single meal!

Meet Dylan!

So! There is nothing like having your friend Katie bring her teeeeeny tinnnny little baby over to realize your kids are now so old they are practically off to college.

Codi was OBSESSED with Dylan (he always is). Only this time he could not stop kissing him. I thought it was just the sweetest thing ever watching him lean over and kiss the little guy. However, Codi hasn't quite learned the pucker so he actually open mouth kisses, which means a few times it totally looked like he was trying to suck on Dylans nose!

Brandon also wanted to kiss the wittle baby. He did a lot of showing off for the little guy and a lot of cuddling too!

I am pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever. I on the other hand promise that while Katie went to shower (we were dying her hair), that I did not wrap the baby up in the Moby and squish and kiss him and make faces at my husband that made him say WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER ONE. I was totally calm and disconnected and I didn't hog the baby at all or anything.

Codi enjoyed poking Dylan in the face to make sure he was still there and NOT sleeping. Since his poking didn't work he finally gave up and just SAT right on top of Dylan! Sigh.

He then wondered if he could get in there with the baby...



Penny pinching

I've never been good with cutting back on expenses. I can save it fine. But following a budget practically kills me. There are two things that are my most major downfalls. My kids and the grocery store. I'm the queen of going to a store with 10 items on my list and coming home with 43 items OR MORE. I also have trouble grabbing something for my boys and justifying it because it's for the kids. A few months back I made a big effort and started making weekly menus. It helped a ton. Seriously it cut my groceries back so much but mostly it cut back on waste. I used to be bad at letting veggies go bad or having too much meat or buying 400000 bottles of creamer and then letting it go bad.

I began making menus. They featured 7 days worth of dinner. However they didn't account for other meals, breakfast, my lunches, Brandon's meals etc. So the list I would go there with would be exactly what I needed for husbands dinners and lunches. I would end up getting there and think, oh well I need bread, and I need crackers for me. Brandon needs......and before you knew it POOF $200.00 vanished to the grocery fairy.

Lately things have gotten kind of tight financially. I am still not ready to talk about it all but I will tell you that last week while browsing around online I came across the envelope system. It was the strangest moment in my life. It was as if clarity had come right down and hit me on the head. This system was totally doable and it involved my favorite things MAKING LISTS AND SORTING THINGS! I immediately set to work reading about it and learning about it. My awesome computer guy also got me this book which I've been slowly reading when I don't have kids trying to eat the pages. I thought and thought and thought about and decided that I can do this.

This week is my first week on the envelope system. I started a whole entire new checking account on my Quicken. I created a budget and suddenly everything is falling into place. I saw where we were going wrong, I saw how quickly a couple weekend meals out could add up to $100.00 and I realized that haphazardly throwing things in the shopping cart was killing me.

I created a new menu this week that includes everyone's lunches dinners and even breakfasts. I based the menu on things I had at home. I have beef, pork sausage, onions, garlic, rice, cheddar cheese and so on. From that I know I can make stuffed bell peppers, breakfast burritos, and meat loaf. Then I looked at my condiments and sides and realized I can create a full week of meals with only minimal purchases. I'm going to try and start using everything I have and create based on that.

I'm also terrified. I've never walked into a store with nothing but cash and a store savings card. I've always known that if I wanted to throw extra specials in the cart it was fine because my debit card would fix it.

Anyway because of this I will be starting a new weekly feature on the Tasty Temptations blog that is dedicated to meals on a budget. Shopping lists, meals under 10.00 and how to find the best prices and create meals around them.

I can't wait to see what this envelope system does for my husband and I AND our checking account. I can't wait to watch my savings grow! Email me if oyu have any great low budget meals, or any awesome money saving tips for the grocery store. I will link you and feature your tips!

Made By Crissy Mathers

My good friend over at Mathers Party of 4 started this cute little website where she makes ridiculously tasty home goods. Daily she teases me with pictures and previews of the things she is making. You can click her button up there to view her new made by blog or an even better idea would be to visit her Etsy shop and order some of this shit. Seriously it's delish! The cinnamon apple stuff will blow your mind and her rubs and spices...WHOAH!

(Etsy store can be viewed by clicking button above or, here)

WARNING: Author of this blog is in no way responsible for any hunger pains you may experience by viewing these blogs. Also not responsible for treat cravings, weight gain or jealous rages caused by seeing the amazing things this girl makes. Author of blog will take responsibility for any misplaced treat orders....

So go, now, shop, eat, and let your mouth be happy!


I'm too young for this

I often feel like I'm too young to be a parent.

There. I said it. I feel, as if I'm playing house and any minute now my mom is going to come out and tell me it is time for dinner.

You know the feeling (those of you near my age) when you try and do something and older people give you one of two looks;

The, aww isn't that sweet she's trying to act like an adult look,


The, little girl your too young to be trying this shit look.

I hate that. My job is financially based. I know some shit about billing, and taxes and filing and what not. I hate when you try and have a decent conversation with someone and they look at you like you're just too young to know. I was talking to my attorney the other day. He asked how long I had been at my job. When I replied 11 years he looked at me like that wasn't possible. Then he did the math in his head and said, "you're trying to tell me you've been working since you were 15 (I was still 26 at the time). I was mad. Because yes in fact I have been. Since day one at night after school it was me in the little office in the back of our house posting the very first purchases and invoices. How rude of him to assume that someone my age could have that kind of job history. That I might know something. I realize kids now a days would rather play video games then work, but that was just poor judgment on his part.

Another great example of being made to feel SO YOUNG is when I talk about the upcoming election. Every time I express my points of view, my reasons for voting for ____ I'm looked at like a silly little girl. They look at me like, aww aren't those ideas so cute. Or, how sweet she thinks she knows politics. It happens the most when they realize I'm not voting for their guy. They suddenly look at me like, oh it's okay your only voting wrong because you're too young to know.

I get the same looks when I talk about parenting. At baby showers, grocery stores, and family gatherings anyone over 40 basically looks at me like I'm a fucking rookie at parenting. Like I'm doing it wrong, like I must NEED 70 years of advice because, "honey someone your age can't possibly take care of those kids." It blows my mind. When I spout of random pieces of knowledge, like how to unplug a constipated kid, or why you shouldn't give young kids Motrin (it upsets their tummy if they haven't had a full meal), or my sure fire way to relieve gas, no matter what I get looked at like I'm an idiot. Like, awww how cute look at her pretending to know how to parent.

Some of you might be sitting there right now thinking that if I'm assuming this maybe it's because I subconsciously think I'm a bad parent. WRONG. Being 100% honest I'm pretty sure I am a kick ass parent. In fact, parenting might be the thing I'm best at. Since day one. Since pregnancy when I worried about how I would parent and my doctor informed me that very worry was a sign I would be a good mom because I was already thinking of my kids and preparing, from that day I knew I was going to rock at this. And I do! Do I have bad days? Sure. But honestly I feel like 98% of my days are spent being the mom you wish you had!

The reason I feel like people think this is because they either openly say it or their face is so blatantly obvious there is no way I can't know. It is kind of like right after someone dies. And every one walks up to you with that look on their face that says, "I just know your totally falling apart, oh and you look like shit." They don't have to say a word YOU JUST KNOW.

It is hard not to prove them wrong in these instances too. Hard to swallow my pride and let them talk my ear off about how newborns sleep better on their stomach and you should give them bottles of corn syrup instead of formula or breastmilk because that "builds good babies."

However I would be lying if I said, there weren't times I just felt young. I'm only 27. In my mind that is young. Often when I'm putting Brandon in time out, or wiping a babies ass, or staring at a mess that only a hurricane could have made that I step outside of myself and I feel like, I'm just a kid, a baby sitter, at any second these kids real parents are going to show up and I'm going to have to stop playing house. I guess because I know so many of my friends are out partying, and participating in general debauchery that I sometimes think that's what youngins like me should be doing.

There are other times I feel young. Today I had to call and RSVP to a party for a kid in Brandon's class. The dad answered and suddenly I felt about 13 years old. I froze up and felt all dorky and didn't know what to say. Surely someone older then me would have handled that better. I feel young when I take Brandon to school and all the parents are wearing suites or cute little spinning outfits sprinting off to the gym all the while I'm rolling in my jeans and Converse. I can feel them all looking at me thinking, how cute his big sister brought him to school.

However. None of this means there aren't times I feel really old too. Like last night, when I cheered because "YAY I STAYED UP PAST 730PM I RULE!" Yeah, then....I felt really fucking old.

Does this post sound rambly? Well it should. I wrote it while attempting to get my kid in his crib 3 seperate times. He refuses, and all I want is 20 minutes alone to eat some goddamn low calorie ice cream alone. I'm pretty sure he will be sleeping on me until he is 20. Bet I will feel old then!

Feeling like some fried food?

S'mores in winter

First you build them. Then, put them in the oven and watch.

Pull them out right about now

Smoosh on the tops

Stare at it for a second



And also side note to Brandon:
Please stop leaving your juice in your brothers reach kthx!

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