I have a meatloaf recipe and a roasted onion potato recipe up on the food blog. Tonight I have another version of the roasted potatoes and a redoux of the cheesy chicken pasta. I've also started a new catagory over there for cooking with kids. I post up pics of my kids helping me cook. I think I will start putting notes at the bottom of the recipe telling what I let the kids do. For example when we made the meatloaf I put the crackers in a bag and let Brandon smash them. Then I mixed all the seasoning in a small bowl and gave him a tablespoon and let him scoop it in the big bowl as if he was measuring. I also let him crack the eggs in a small bowl first and then let him pour. The other night we made baked apples and I again mixed the seasoning and then let him scoop it in the apples. Then I let him put the precut butter in the apples and pour premeasured juice in there. When I work with cheese I have a small childrens butter knife that I give him. I cut some thin slices of cheese and put them on a plate and then let him cube them and eat them. That way he feels like he is cutting and chopping with me.

Anyway I will try and be better about getting pictures of him helping. I have added other labels too. Such as cheap (which I think I might re-title as budget cooking), and quick cooks. I'm really trying to keep the food blog a nice mix of budget friendly items and then impressive wow your man items.

Anyway check out the latest recipes on the Tasty Temptations blog.

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Heidi said...

Those potatoes look a hell of a lot like the ones I make. Hmmm, wandering over to see what you put in yours. lol Glad to hear you are cooking together. Good quality time. And boy, I love meatloaf.

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