Mmmm wintery baked apples

Yes I know I'm showing you a picture of a half baked apple. It's because the thing was so damn good I started eating it before I even pulled out my camera. Also I started eating it before it cooled off and OUCH!!!! Anyway if I had some vanilla ice cream you bet your ass I woulda cut this up and put it on there and then poured the scalding hot juice over the top.


Wanna make this...click here.

(Also this meal cost me nothing but the price of the apple I had sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg butter and apple juice all on hand.)


saly said...

where were you with this shit when i was pregnant and craving baked apple goodies like there was no tomoorow?????

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness they are my all time childhood favorite and they are so damn good-not matter what age you are.

Jayla'sMommy said...

Oh my gosh, yummy!!!!
I will definitely have one or two of those when we spend Christmas in Germany because here in TX it's too hot for anything like that :(
I especially love the smell of them but of course they are also super good :)

Mom said...

O man they are the best! I'm going to buy you a whole bag of apples so you can make me some to take home cause 1 just was not even enough.

cherish_jd said...

it looks yummy! i'm now inspired to try cooking because of your yummy post!

Valley Girl said...

OMG that looks amazing!!!

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